super motard set up help pls !!!

hi guys

new to the board here

i will be running a 426 up at the loudon nh lrrs road race series in 02 along with my trusty gsxr 600

i need all the help i can get to set up the 426 for road racing on this tight course, i will run slicks, but apart form this know absolutely nothing !

any comments, help, vendors to get parts greatfully recieved

1 st question, which 17" rims, is the front brake ok and how do i sack the suspension

(i will still swap wheels and run it in the dirt with my kids)

oh and i did a search already

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White Bros. Should be a good place to start. They'll have your wheels and upgraded brakes (if you need it). The '01 has a pretty good front brake already. You'll need to back out your compression damping and crank down your rebound. You may want to lower it too.

I run a 99 400f supermotard in the races

I run 17" rims 3.5" on the front and 4.25" on the rear with 250gp cut slicks.

The brakes are Brembo 4 piston with 320mm disk on the front and stock on the rear. The brakes came off a Husky that was a supermotard bike.

Gearing is 15/47

The suspension is stock you might play with the clickers to fit your style of riding. I run the same setup in the dirt and steet.

It only takes about 20mins to change back to the dirt wheels

If you want some photos e-mail me and I will send some. I have the bike set up for the dirt but will change it to the supermotard in a week. So I will take them then. I have a race coming up on 10-21.

You will love it!!


ive checked around the web and theres not a lot out there

fast kevin, i'll check white bros, thats great, will definetly need to upgrade front brake, this is pure roadracing no dirt

i dont want to reinvent anything here, just go with what works

dirt-motard, what size front and rear tires are you running 120 160 ? i will run straight slicks

also does your gearing top out top speed ? i will need to on our front straightaway even thought nhis is short

what about performance ? are there any tips to get more (especially top end) yamaha don't even say how much horse it makes !

if you guys want to see what i run know check out i'm the guy on the yellow gix, see last weekends pics especially with chicks ! :)

DOOD I am blown is great to see another GSXR Racer gon motard as well and not to mention the EXACT same combo that I have!

I race a 2001 GSX-R750 at Willow Springs in all 3 750 classes (currently top 5 in all 3 classes) and I now have a 2001 WR426 that I have SuperMotard'd, I bought the White Bro's wheel setup, and i am very very happy with them, they come with Talon hubs and killer wheels all laced up by Buchanans here on the west coast. I went with the Braking 320 MM wavy rotor and the bracket made by Talon to offset the stock front caliper, this setup works KILLER for me, I currently run a 150 rear and a 120 front tire (dunlop 208's) that I get from my bro who races the Aprillia Cup (250 GP) this setup works absolutey KILLER for me....I also do not run mine in the dirt, I built this bike to slide it on the pavement, and to rip in the local canyons here in Southern California, I may race it a bit next season if I feel like it but for now it's a toy and a training aid to help my road racing skills which it has already done.

I plan on having the suspension reworked by White Brothers after this next race weekend and then ill let you know what I find out.

Currently running 15/43 sprockets and I have the forks lowered in the clamps by 7.12 MM to help it hold a tighter line in the twisties, aside from that I run it as is and so far I have NOT come across anyone on a sport bike that can beat me in the canyons.

Quite Simply put this thing is a canyon MONSTER and you will never look back after you get yours set up~!

email me if you wanna chat sometime about it.


01' WR426,YZ timing,EMP #2,#48Pilot,#100PAJ,#175 Main,BK mod,Kouba T-Handle,YZ pipe, open airbox,Gray-Wire Pulled,K&N Filter, throttle stop mod,CA Street Legal,Pure SuperMotard 17 in. wheels, 15/46 gears,ProTaper bars,

I'm one of the 4-5 guys running one at Loudon. Aside from the normal race prep and drilling.

You need:

17" wheels (white bros, or make up using old hubs)

15/37 gearing as a start

Race rubber (suggest you start on DOT's, but you can run a rear slick. don't run slick front.)

You'll probably want:

EBC oversize rotor kit.

That's enough to get started.


Hey guys, I have some '98 YZF parts that would be very useful for a Super Motard conversion. Complete front and rear suspension, wheels, brakes, etc. I have a front hub that could be laced up with the appropriate rim. You could have the forks and shock shortened, or I could do it for you. I'm in Los Angeles.

Team Scream, I'd like to check out your ride.


Scott F '02 YZ250F < '01 YZ250F < '00 YZ426F < '99 YZ400F <'98 YZ400F

Hey JB, I ran my WR400 at Loudon for a track

day and loved it (I race an RS250). I've

thought about doing the SM conversion to

run singles classes, but I'd really miss

the WR in the dirt. Do you need to make

any valving/spring changes to race Loudon,

or would it be possible to change gears

and wheels, turn a few clicks and go?

No you don't need to touch the bike. Of the 5 that I know about:

2 are completely stock,

Mine has stiffer F/R springs (the std off road ones since I'm 200+)

1 has the forks dropped an inch or so.

1 is heavily modified with a 3" drop.

There is no discernable speed difference except for me who is slower.

So... to change back and forth all you really need to deal with is the chain length issue, antifreeze and whatever you did about the crankcase breather.


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