WR 426 stator going in my YZ

I have done a lot of reading, especially http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/900815-yz426-rebuild/page__st__40__p__9517821#entry9517821 , my question is probably stupid but I just want to make sure I got this right...

I got a used 2000 yz426, already converted to dual sport but the battery dies after a while on whatever stator the guy i bought it from installed. It's probably not factory stator because he gave me the factory one when I bought it. I'm getting the WR426 stator and flywheel (somehow... Come on eBay! Or anyone got one for sale?), I understand floating the ground and cutting the pink wire... But the AC regulator part... My bike has what appears to be a trail tech reg/rec on it, I can see the two yellow wires coming from my current stator being fed into the reg/rec... I'm pretty sure everything is DC at this point, including headlight, since it works when the bike is not running. All I need to do is install the WR stator and flywheel, using my existing bolts, and float the ground like described in the above link? Run the yellow wires to my reg/rec just like they are now?

Sorry to revive an old stickied topic, just wanna make sure I got it right before I drop $350 on this stuff.


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