Performance Engineering Clutch Basket

I think it may time to replace my stock clutch basket. Not bad huh? Has any of you guys used the Performance Engineering basket? Is it a good choice. I can get one for $139 vs. $189 for a Hinson. Thanks.


What part of NM are you from? I live in the Albuquerque area and ride out at the end of Southern in Rio Rancho and down by the airport. Sorry, haven't heard about Perf Eng clutch baskets though.

JBM: Aren't you the one who gave the tip about engaging the clutch for about a minute or so while the engine warms up to prevent that grabbiness and squawking noise? I do it religiously now because it WORKS!

Yep, I meant "engaging". Thanks for pointing that out.

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I'm from Socorro and mostly ride out across the river in a place called Gordy's hills.


Yes that was me. I always have done this as well with same results. But now even after the bike is hot I am getting an occasional grabbiness. I'm figuring it's the basket probably getting a few notches in it. I haven't checked it yet. I guess I can't complain though, this is the complete stock clutch and I'm going on 2 years now.


I can vouch for the PE basket, as I've run them on all my boys MX bikes(KX80, KX100,YZ125) with no probs or failures. I also have one on my YZF400 and WRF250. The guys at PE are first rate and make quality stuff. BTW, they're aluminum throttle tubes are inexpensive too and a good idea to run. I know the PE guys personally and their pro riders love all their products.


01 WR250F YZ timed, Grey Wired, Pro Action suspension

99 YZF400 Pro Tapers, Performance Engineering Motor & suspension

99 GasGas 270 Trials (too cool to fool with)

Z50R Backyard Racer(dropped a XR70 motor in it, yeehah)

JBM, by "disengage" the clutch, what do you mean? I usually warm my bike up with it leaning against the trailer in neutral. Are you suggesting that I put it in gear and pull in the clutch lever while it warms up? Also, I've my '00 426 for almost a year, had the clutch apart last night to look into adding the '01 anti-judder plate and didn't notice any basket wear on the tabs. I may have one of the later versions that are better, but before you drop the cash, open her up and look around a little. The '01 upgrade may eliminate your chatter without having to shell out the cash for the new basket. My wife is down buying the new parts today (while I'm busy working to pay for them). I'm going to install them tonight so I'll let you know how it turns out. BTW, I also get a lot of chatter currently even when it's warm. I do mostly tight woods riding here and I'm on the clutch a lot so that's why I've been asking lots of questions about how to make it better and easier to pull.


Boit means engage the clutch. I always pull in the clutch and hold it for about a minute when warming up the bike. Maybe give it two or three slight revs as well. You don't have to put it in gear. This helps get oil to plates quicker and has greatly helped eliminate the surge or grabbiness you can get from the clutch, especially when cold. I haven't decided yet what I will do about the clutch. The '01 updated parts are definitely an improvement. Last weekend my clutch worked fine. I do think that before too long it would best to replace the basket. About 6 months ago I had the clutch apart and some wear was beginning on the fingers. I haven't checked it since. We'll see. Let me know how your upgrade goes.


Chris here. For an easier clutch pull call Honda of Tulsa, in Tulsa, Ok. and tell them that you want a RTC clutch lever. The lever uses a honda clutch perch. I will make a BIGG difference in your clutch pull.

Well, the parts aren't here yet, the folks I ordered from were out of stock (Powersports Perf). They seem nice though. I still need to weigh my options about the clutch pull. First I'll try lubing the cable (I've been neglecting that service item). If it's still too hard after that I'll have to look into the different lever options. So far I'm leaning toward the MSR Raptor, but I want to make sure local dealers carry the replacement levers. I think I'll use the shorty lever though so maybe they won't break on EVERY crash like the long stock ones do. I'm also going to try the teflon tape under the perch trick and see if that helps prevent crash related bending. Meanwhile, my bike sits in the garage with its guts strewn out everywhere. It has given me a chance to get all the nooks and crannys clean.

So I finally got it all back together. I put in the '01 clutch parts, bought an MSR Raptor lever, and cleaned and lubed the clutch cable with TriFlow. Took it to the Salem Arenacross practice last night to give it a shot. First moto, I couldn't get the clutch to fully engage (bike creeped in gear with clutch pulled in). I had read on here that it was normal and just needed to break in. Well, it kept doing it. I finally found that the adjuster for the clutch cable on the motor needed to move. After that, worked great! I changed back to the stock lever thinking the MSR lever was contributing, but it wasn't. Didn't have a chance to put it back on to try out but it did pull much easier. It also came with a teflon wrap for the bar so it wouldn't break levers so easily. The '01 parts really helped, I didn't notice anything so they must be working. It used to grab and chatter, but that's gone! Thanks to all the TT folks for these recommendations!! (I'm still slow and chicken to jump the big doubles, but the clutch is really smooth :)

Performance Engineering is a very good product, and they are actually 30 minutes form my house (Orlando). They just opened a new Honda dealership (huge, countersunk dyno, the works), and should be cranking out new products really soon. They also perform suspension re-valves for moto-x and off-road (last year's Florida Trail Riders HS champ works there), and have pretty decent pricing.

JBM. Where can you get these the PE Baskets for $139. I checked their website and they are retailing them for $199.

Where can you get these the PE Baskets for $139. I checked their website and they are retailing them for $199. I will hopefully be buying one this winter. :) ~Hit-man~

Thanks everyone for the replys. When I do get one I think it will be the PE basket.


Hit-Man is right, at with free shipping.

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