Overzised front rotor and bracket?

Does anybody want to sell me an owersized front rotor and bracket?my bike is a 2003 wr450.

Do you know what rotors from other bikes are compatible with the WR450 wheel?

Maybe you should ask the supermoto guys. They put bigger brakes on those.

I have no ide what will fit from otger bikes.

You may check over on supermotojunkie.com in the forsale section. I just sold an EBC 320mm rotor and a bracket. I've got a 270mm (a little bigger than stock) sitting on my work bench I'll sell you. motorcycle-superstore.com sells both a 320 & 270 adapter.

Are you running it for a street/sumo set-up or dirt?

I've got a 320 on my sumo kit, but still run the stock size in the dirt. I'm worried the 320 will hand up in places in the dirt.

Try a honda front brake first. I noticed the stainless line had a more secure feel too.

or are you are in need of the huge 320 rotor for street use

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