Spark Plugs

I was looking at this place for plugs, i use NGK, and there are 2 types. Platinum and Iridium. They are the same price for a box of 4 at $24. Is there any differences in the 2? which will make the bike run better?

I have been told (no hard evidence) that iridium is a harder metal, which if true would make the plug resist rounding off better. Sharper edges = better spark.

Iridium=harder metal

platinum=better conductor

Preference thing really

You'd have to use the same plug for a few years before you'd ever get a decrease in electrode sharpness. Don't waste the money.


MX Tuner

Take your plug to an auto parts store and get them for 1/2 the price of a m/c dealership


'01 DRZ400S

'00 KTM250exc

Rick is correct, the CR8E plug is 2.30$ at O'Reilly Auto, the stock # is 1275. The dealership wants around 7$ for the same plug.

I have found no advantage to the Iridium plugs................

Is the 1275 that you get from O'relley's a NGK.

Yep, the stock # for O'reilly is 1275, it helps them look it up quicker. That stock # is for the NGK CR8E. I think the one I bought the other day was 2.38 w/tax!

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