Is this a tall or normal seat?

I bought a SDG tall YZ426 seat and it looks like a normal seat to me. It's shown in a clarke tank, but looks the same with a YZ stock tank.


The Bike is a WR, but I figure it'd be best to post here.

I also don't like the way the seat is bunching up (does it with stock YZ seat as well). I'll probably remove the cover and re-staple it. If I keep it that is.

Looks pretty similar to what my 2001 looked like.

Looks pretty similar to what my 2001 looked like.

Did you have the tall or standard seat on your bike?

It was stock. The seam on the cover makes it look bigger. I put a cover on mine and it made it look bigger. The 99-02 seats look taller because of how they touch the airbox vs. newer bikes.


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That doesn't look tall to me either.

Both tall SDG seats I've had didn't have much dish and had a pretty flat profile

Here's a tall seat on my 450:


And on my old DRZ:


I have a DRZ too, the seat looks the same.

SDG replied back to me sayint that the YZ426 seat pan cannot support a seat higher than 0.5" than stock. So the tall seat is marginally taller than stock.

There's no way I'm using that low of a seat, I'm returning it. I'm going to see if anyone else makes a "real" tall seat for a YZ426. If not, I'll be sticking with my WR tall seat.

Found a 426 with the tall seat here:



that looks like what I'd expect from a tall seat. Unless the clark tank is curling the nose of your seat up too much, I don't think you have a tall.

As far as only being .5" taller, that might not sound like much, but it can make a big difference in the way the bike feels.


Just re-read the thread, and was reminded your bike is a WR. I don't know what the all the differences are between the two, but if it has a different subframe, it could explain why the seat looks that way.

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The WR and YZ up to 2002 are interchangeable except for the tank to seat join. So you need to swap the seat and tank together. I have the clarke YZ tank, and a stock YZ tank to go with the YZ seat. The YZ seat looks the same with the stock YZ tank.

That 1/2" is better than stock, but it's 1"+ lower than my WR seat, so it feels like I'm on a pit bike with that seat on.

Edit, Guts racing has tall seat foam that is atually tall!

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Finally got a tall YZ seat for my WR.


Looks a lot better than the firt photo.

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