02 426 impossible to kick start sometimes

The bike starts great all the time when you can kick it. However, sometimes it gets into a state to where you can't kick the bike past half way down. I weigh 155 and I have to get on a stand, put it at half way and just leave my weight on it bouncing a little before it will make past. Seems if I do this a couple of times all the way down, it will eventually correct itself. Anybody had this problem. Funny thing too, if I cut the bike off and then start it back up, the kick stroke goes through fine and smooth. Just sometimes after the bike has been sitting you just can't kick it all the way through.

Any ideas??

I noticed that you did not mention a thing about the compression release. I don't know what to assume at this point so I'll ask if you are using it? To tell the truth, I'm a bit confused by your description.

Exactly what I was thinking. When it gets to the point of not moving, pull the compression release in. You *are* using the Yamaha recommended moethod of starting the bike, right?


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Sounds like you are hitting the top of the compression stroke. When it "locks", pull the comp. release in and push the starter down ONE INCH. Then release the compression lever, and allow the starter to return to it's "pre - kick" position. Then give it a whallop.

You cannot kick the Yamaha's like a two stroke. You must use the pattern specified in your manual.


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First of all thanks for the replies. Next, I apologize for being vague. I have read all the Yam. items and watched the Dubach video and follow them to a T. I do use the compression release, go down an inch. Bring the kick starter to the top and then kick down. Sometimes it catches about half way down and kills my ankle. When it does this is when I was talking about it I could put my full weight on it and it wouldn't budge down any further.

Seems like I've read about the exhaust stroke and it sounds like this is what I'm catching. When this happens, I have to pull the compression lever back in, finish the half kick then I go another hard full kick with the compression lever in. Then, I make sure the kick starter goes down about halfway before it becomes firm. Pull the lever, go an inch and everything is fine. Guess, I'll keep following these steps. If something else comes up I'll repost.

Again, I really appreciate all the help. This site rocks!!!

kfrosty, correct me if I'm wrong, but the way I read your last response you're skipping a step in the start "routine".

You must first move the kickstarter to the "hard spot", then bring it back to the top and then use the compression release to move it approx. 1" past that point. Then you should be able to kick it through without problem. Hope this helps.


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It sounds like you aren't actually on the compression stroke every time. There is another part of the stroke where it gets a little hard so don't mistake this little hard spot for true compression.

I am going to a hard spot, then compression lever and then one inch. However, sometimes, the "hard spot" is at the top and you really can't get the kick starter to go any further unless you do pull the compression lever in. I go an inch and back up and sometimes it goes smoothly and sometimes it catches half way down. That is the confusion part. Boit I believe you are right but I've talked to another person that had last years model and he said he never ran into that. However, if I hit the hard spot at top, like I mentioned I go ahead and pull the compression lever and kick it all the way through once or twice pretty hard. I make sure the kick lever goes through about halfway through the kick before I attempt to start again.

I've read through the manual and follow the steps. I've watched Dubach and have had a couple of other people try it. What I was doing before when I hit this spot was pulling the compression lever in and gently pushing the kick lever all the way down but that doesn't work. I still can't get it to kick all the way through after going through the routine by just doing this. I have to kick it through hard with the compression lever in to get the crank spinning.

Anyway, I think I got it figured out this weekend but I just wanted to get an idea if others experienced this or if not if anyone else runs into this with the 02's then they may have some insight as to what to do. Other than that, this thing starts great. In the beginning, I've actually accidentally twisted the throttle once or twice while trying to start as well and I still don't have problems starting it bone stock without the carb mod or anything. Course, I've got in the habit of holding onto the brake resevoir now. (Knock on wood.)

Thanks again.

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I have a 02 426 and the best way to start it is pull in the compression release and hold it in. Now kick the bike over a few times until you hit a hard spot about half way down, hold the kick starter there, release the compression lever and kick it hard all the way down and it will start right up

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