Dumb luck

I ride the new wr 450 and recently at some point in time dropping my bike I manage to peel out the red button on the e stop. I didn't notice it right away because I've been trying to train myself to use the main switch. Once I did, I figured I would be buying a new one. Well the other day I pulled my skid plate off to change the oil and low and behold theres the red button. What are the chances of this happening?!? I put the switch back together in like five minutes and it works great. It almost looks like it was meant to pop out under stress without breaking the rest of the switch.

Same thing happened with my estart button. I didn't, however, find it in the skidplate. My bro (who I was riding with when I crashed ) stopped to look for it. I didn't care at the time...I just headed to the truck to recover from my crash.

Popped it back in and used a piece of medical tape as insurance that it wouldn't fall out again. Months later, still working great!

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