New 2009 450 Leftover Prices?

Found a few 09 450 leftovers. All the dealers are asking around $5400~, which to me seems a little high. I'm thinking around 4800 OTD. I'm paying in cash also. What do you think?

In 2010 we were getting the leftover '09's for $4700 OTD from a dealership in Illinois. Those deals are long gone though...

I'm on my 2nd '09 yz450f and I love it..

Yeah I just looked up Yamaha's cash back deals. $750 on 09 450s til Sep 30th. That would mean a 450 OTD for <4500 no problem. Hopefully these dealers still have theses things by the end of september early october bc thats when Ill finally have money together

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