Front Wheel Wobble

I've notice a very slight wheel wobble with my front wheel. Coincidentally, I recently tightened the spokes for the first time. The spokes all sound true, but now I'm wondering if I self-induced the wobble with my rookie spoke tightening, or if perhaps the rim had already been bent, and I just now noticed the wobble. Thoughts on how to diagnose, or if perhaps a slight wobble is not that big of a deal? 2009 WR450F. Plated, but trail ridden only. Thanks.

you more than likely created a warp in the rim when tightening the spokes. Find a dinner table that opens to add a leaf, open it and suspend your wheel by the axle in the gap. tape chalk or pencil to the table, spin the wheel, move pencil in until it make a mark on the high side of the rim. repeat for other side. now you know where you need to adjust it. Will also confirm if it is the tire not properly seated or actually the rim.

I true it right on the bike, check your wheel bearings to!!!

haha, you can't 'hear' true... it is a dimensional thing. the best way is like the service manual says. put a dial indicator on the rim (mounted to the fork leg or truing stand [don't scratch the fork leg!]) and tighten or loosen to get the rim into true.

While the bike is on a stand. I use a crayon taped on each fork so it just touches the rim on the "high" spot on each side that way you have a visual reference to go by. move the crayons in as the rim is trued. loosen the spokes pulling to the side that is marked and tighten the other side. Do it slowly with several small adjustments. ride it over several bumps or rough trail then do it again. It may take several times but I'm sure you can get it back.

And while you are at it, make sure to balance the wheels especially when running single rim locks which of course are notoriously out of balance by 4-5ozs.

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