flywheel weight

i have a 2009 bmw g450x and it is way to snappy fast. i ride in woods, rough trails, lots of rocks, roots, mud,debris, etc. i find this bike to be much too difficult to ride the way i like to on trails. i was told that putting a heavier flywheel will smooth out the snappiness, and the stalling that is the result of such a light flywheel. where do i find a place to get a heavier flywheel? how do i determine how much heavier it should be? is there anything else i should know with regard to my bikes zippiness other than a sprocket change that would help me out in taming the beast.

I wouldn't add a flywheel weight to the g450. The snappiness and stalling can be tuned out using an ecu tuner similar to the JD tuner. The JD tuner for the TC/TXC/TE may work on the g450x, but I am unsure. Would be best to ask JDjetting or seek a different ecu tuner.

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