Hrs on a new oil filter?

If I was gong to use a stainlees steel mesh type reuseable oil filter I would invest in a Ultasonic cleaner for the filter you be suprize what gets trapped in them.

I hope everything gets trapped in them! :-)

I have some experience with 10-micron steel mesh filters used in a lube oil system for a Rolls Royce marine propulsion plant. The waterjet oil filters are about $750 each. They go in the garbage after use. Even an ultrasonic cleaner cannot clean them.

With the sort of particles we get in our bikes, you can clean them sufficiently though. I think our motorcycles use 35 micron filters. A dip in solvent should do the trick.

The thing to remember about mesh filters as versus "paper" elements is that they filter in two fundamentally different ways. Paper filters will release "trapped" particles into the oil stream. If a mesh filter stops something, it almost always stays stopped, no matter what.


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