fork tube options

i dismounted my forks last night to get ready to service them and noticed a couple nicks in the lower fork tube. im going to throw some seals in and see what happens but i was curious what my options are for new tubes if these end up needing replaced? race tech has tnk tubes but i dont see anything for dirt bikes. are there any options other than oem? thanks

SMART Performance or Suspension Direct can get the new tubes for you. Before you reuse yours, check the dings carefully. You can't do much about the recessed area they have, but you can save a tube quite often by making sure that there is no raised burr around the edges. If you find one, knock it down with a fine flat file as close as possible to flush with the tube surface, then follow up with 360 and 400 grit wet sanding.

thanks for the links. pricing through SD is much better than oem. is the smart comparable also? i didnt see any product listing or pricing?

theres no burrs or raised areas, almost looks like pitting in a windshield. i ran a razor blade across it and theres no catch whatsoever.

SMART should be competitive, yes. Call and leave a message.

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