forks oil change

hey guys i just finished my first ever fork oil change and i wonder if i did it correctly.i took off the cap and removed the spring,then dumped the oil.when i put new oil in i filled a hair past the inner tube top and pumped the forks till the air bubbles ceased.then i removed the unnecessary oil to get the desired level.this is a brief explanation, but a test ride down the street

didnt seem too different than before .i put

mamima 5 wt. in it,any comments?

Sounds right, the main thing to do is to pump the push rod in and out several times to get all the air out, and you can only move it up about 7" or else you will have to start over. The book also says to let it sit for about ten minutes to let all the air bubbles out before you set your level.

You only changed about half or two thirds of the oil in the fork and you didn't get much of the dirt out. The only way to properly change the fork oil is to remove the cartridge and rinse out the internals. The way you've done it is about like changing the oil in your car without changing the oil filter.


MX Tuner

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