aftermarket PW50 carb

Anyone ever have any experience with the aftermarket PW50 carbs on ebay (Miniky)? How did they work for you? Do Mikuni jets fit the carb? Any personal experience please let me know. Thanks

I left the stock carb on mine when I had one. Just got over sized jets for it to let a little more fuel in, but don't go to over size or it will not work. When I pot the jets in I got it tuned and put a 11 tooth sprocket on the front and that thing really pulled!!!! Up hill and every were !! Good luck:)

You must have had a PW80 as the PW50's are shaft drive. I purchased a the bike without a carb and do not see how much worse the cheap one off ebay are compared to an OEM unit. Just looking to se if anyone actually used one before

I would get the OEM carb as these are genuine, carbs are very trickery things and very important if some thing is a little tiny bit wrong then it won't work it's best.

In the long run pay the little bit extra and get a genuine carb. As the saying goes YOU PAY FOR WHAT GET. Don't get a cheep and nasty one

Good luck

I just put one on my sons bike. It ran like a turd with the stocker, it also runs like a turd with this one. Everything looks in order with it. If it has issues I'll just send it back. It has a one year warranty on it. I may have to lean her out to get it to run good.

I never ended up purchasing teh aftermarket Miniki carb. found a cheap used oem one on ebay and have been using that

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