2012 WR 450 E-start/clutch issues

Hey all,

Me and 2 of my friends are having the same issues with our 2012 WR450's. Besides the Issues of normal starting up that most people have, It seems when we are using the E-start while in 1st gear with the clutch pulled in, the bike wants to "buck" forward as if we didnt have the clutch in at all. We adjusted out clutch pull with the quick ajuster by the lever and it didnt really fix the problem. We called the yammy dealer and they told us to start in neutral and go for a little run and by then it would give it time for the clutch plates to get lubed up and the issue should be solved. this is true for me and one of my buddies but not for the other, he still has issues of it pulling forward when trying to use the E-start. Any ideas?

All 3 bikes kick over first shot when using the kick start. No issues there.

Lastly one of the bikes sometimes stalls when put into first gear after being started from neutral when the bike is not warmed up.

All bikes have about 800-1000kms on them. There has been no other maintenance on the bikes besides oil changes. Thanks in advance!

Starting any fourstroke while in gear is way more difficult than in neutral. The clutch plates are not seperated very much at all when the lever is pulled in, and this causes drag. It is usually lessened when warm, unless the clutch has been over-worked and has swollen from the heat. Sometimes a change in oil will help.


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