looking for motoman 393.............

What happened to your E-mail Garret ?

I sent you a big E-mail and I guess you changed your adress. Let me know something

please........got some info for you !!!!!

Later, Jason

What did you send me? Email address is motoman393@hotmail.com (same as always)

We are thinking about coming to Longhorn MX tomorrow so we may call you in the morning! We are not sure yet. Later,



I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

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I sent it to your normal e-mail but it returned to sender ?????????

I was at Longhorn all day Saturday (yesterday}, we had about 50 bikes there, a bunch of 80 riders from Houston and one ex pro rider Kevin Gravitts.

I'll try to send the e-mail again.

Later, Jason

I tried to send it again but Maybe I'm having problems with my server, I'll send it through Hot mail and see if it will get there. Come on out to Longhorn !!!!!!!!!

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