2 for 1 trade

Was going to sell both my bikes this spring and get a newer 450 but was also thinking of asking for a possible trade.I have a 2002 kx250 and a 2001 yz426,would a trade for both bikes for a 09 yz450 be reasonable or just wishfull thinking?I know anything is possible but would you consider this reasonable or should I just try to sell both then buy.09's are going for 4500-5500 around here and I figure I could get at least 5000 for both of mine possibly a lil more,keep in mind bikes are higher priced here but value should work out the same anywhere.Another thought on the trade is since buying the yz I have no interest in the kx and like the yz alot,biggest peeve with the yz is the weight,like the soft suspension.If I like this bike would a 09yz450 blow me away and be a good buy or just stay with the 426.I don't ride track just sand pits and trails but the trails are pretty open.

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