Ganaraska forest, did you run into a drz400s?

yea hey, I just went riding in ganaraska forest today, east of Toronto I guess it is.

anyways, I ran into(not literally) a guy with a 426, I was on my blue drz400s. Just trying to see if he posts on here. So if you were that guy then post a reply.

I moved to toronto for about 5 months 2 summers ago from So.Cal. I rode in the forest a couple of time with my buddy Alan who used to work for Tucker Rocky. I know Alan still rides there frequently and he has a 426. There are some super fun trails out there. We also got in to a couple of good chases with the OPP chacing us through the woods as we did not have memberships etc. Espcially since I was on a CR 250 at the time that had only had a green sticker from So.Cal.

Have fun riding!


P.S. Do you ever go to that track North of Toronto up by Barrie I think ... ?

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