Speedo-mounting, exhaust

Hello guys,

I have a Yamaha YZ450F year 2004, and I bought a speedo but I dont have a clue how could i mount it on my bike. A guy from proracing told me that "the bracket fits in between the handlebar mounts and the top triple clamps" but this is for year 2005 and other, not 2004. And now I dont know where I can find to buy this piece how i would fit it on my dirtbike. I would like it to fit nice as it is shown on their website but dont know if it is possible.

I was also looking on trail tech vapor kit and they have a nice mounting hardware kit but it is made from plastic and I think it is easy to brake or stole. So guys feel free to suggest anything to make it fit and look nice.

Second question I have is about my yamaha exhaust, I need to register my dirtbike to be road legal but it is too loud and when I drive my bike the flasher on the back gets burned because the smoke is going right on it. So am looking for not so expensive silencer and a pipe what can make the smoke go under the flasher.

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