need help with my 2004 yz450f

I have a 2004 yz450f and i cann't get it to kick start at all. installed a new je piston about a month ago start four different time in garage and ran great.

1) compression.

je piston 13.5 to 1 only a month old

the valve clearance is good .20 to .25 for intake and .10 for exhaust

timing is prefect the "I" is lined up below and the marks on the cams line up with top of the heads the other marks are around 12 o'clock.


new coil and spark plug. did a spark gap test .misfired around .30

did an ohms test and every thing is with spec

cdi test good and sparks at the right time.

3) Gas

i only vp fuel

carb is clean

have good vac from the engine

any ideas? please help

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