valve tool

anyone know if there is a set tool for adjusting ur valves or can any feeler gauge at sears or somewhere work fine, i guess it would probably have to be metric

You can use any automotive feeler gauge. The metric specs have a standard equivalent.


MX Tuner

To convert metric to standard just take the metric mesurment and times it by .03937 to get standard.

To convert standard to metric just take the standard mesurment if it is in thousands, which it should be and times it by 25.4

Later, Jason

Surgeon of steel !

aka Machinist

<font color="navy">Not to be picky but, you must multipy the standard measurement by 25.4001 to get the most accurate measurement. grin.gif Yes, a standard feeler gauge works just fine.



<font color="navy">Alright then YZMann, my Drafting book must be wrong.

After doing a quick search on the net, it seems the only value that I can find 25.4, not 25.4001. My book must be incorect with that figure.

I'm in 1st hour right now YZmann, working hard on the school web and reviewing some "school related" web sites. School has been rough so far, lots of homework and little time to play. Hopefully we'll be able to get up there soon(this weekend?) to try out that nice track that I know you have been working on. Right? grin.gif

5 more minutes to the bell, got to go. C ya soon.

Sorry for being picky, looks like MY figures may be incorrect. I doubt 1/10,000th will make a big difference, but accuracy is always good. Good Luck



Just as a second reference, my calculator (TI-85) converts one inch to 25.4 mm.

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