single finger clutch pull

I am trying everything to get my clutch easier. I have the moose ez pull clutch perch and lever and that made the clutch much easier. But i still cannot pull it in with one finger. I like to have my index finger covering the clutch. I also have tried a new cable and lube it frequently. Any tips or tricks on achieving this would be great other than a hydraulic clutch.

I use one finger on my stock perch, just keep at it you will get used to it. You can try to move the lever inwards more so your finger is at the end of the lever for an easier pull.

both my YZ's clutch lever can be engaged, manipulated with just one finger. the 09 with 44.8 hrs on it, still has the original cable on it.

have you tried lubing the cale? new OEM cable? make sure the cable doesn't have a bind or interferance

Try using your middle finger. Takes some getting used to but my 10 is one finger pull for a whole moto when I use the middle finger.

What year is your bike?

I have an 09. I have lubed the cable.

Get ya a tennis ball and carry it around in yur left hand and squeeze it periodically through out the day, in a couple of weeks you will be able to pull the clutch with one finger. Ya might want to use the right hand with the ball as well.

Old school remove the clucth engagement arm on the motor cut the arm where the cable hook at lenght the arm 1/4 inch weld it back together this way you have more leverage so you can use the 1 finger instead of buying a HYD clucth.


any leverage mod, clutch perch or pivot lever will mean easier pull at the cost having to pull it further, your choice. Ligter springs is you can get away with it.can help as well as just good maintenance on the cable and pivots and routing

Well, rekluse clutch 0 finger pull :rolleyes: ?

Well, rekluse clutch 0 finger pull :rolleyes: ?


Try moving the lever in towards the middle more. Or get an aftermarket clutch like a Hinson, made my life much easier. But they aren't cheap.

I've got the works connection perch and lever on my 11 and it is very smooth and easy. Agree with the other posts to slide the lever in to the point where the end of the lever is about a half inch from the end of the bar when it's pulled in all the way. I've got stock springs and a motion pro t2 cable.... I'm a middle finger guy, I just can't get the feel of the index finger- I do use 2 when I'm stopped or going from a dead stop.

I cut my clutch levers short and move them in a tad . One finger or two is mutch easier with the shorter lever IMO.

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