Canadian or USA 426

I am new to the post and this is wonderful. I just bought a 02 426 and it was shipped to me in a crate from Canada. I was wondering if there are any real differences between the Canadian version and the USA. The only thing I can see is the Silencer is different and it has 755's on it instead of 739's that the brochures say they should have. I am also curious because all the dealers I talked to said jetting was so touchy and every bike was so different I was scared to death, but I used MOTO mans chart and did the bk and it runs oh so fast and smooth. I live at 10,000' and ride 10-12000, so I am really happy with the bike. Are there a difference in carbs, maybe the Canadian model is less restrictive. I would greatly like to hear anybodys opinion. Thanks.


I really think the muffler end cap is one of the few differences.

Please email me. I would like to ask you about your purchase.

My Bike also came out of Canada. I have been riding at about 5000 ft for two years now and have never had to touch the jets. I did do the BK Mod with great results, thanks Garett, but even before that it always started and ran great.

I was talked into racing in a lower class at the last MotoX and ended up winning both heats. It really felt good since the last time I raced was 1979. That was before most of the other racers were born.

When I buy another bike it will come out of Canada because of the money that can be saved.


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