04 WR450 or 04 KTM 300EXC

I haven't had a bike since my 01' DRZ was stolen last yr. Well, I briefly had an 03' RM250 but of course that bike didn't suit my casual trail riding style. Anyway, I have narrowed my choice for a new scoot down to the WR450 and the KTM300EXC. I have never ridden either and I'd like to hear from people who have ridden both. I have read that the 04' KTM 2 stroke is heavenly and with an all new motor is a vast improvement over all previous offerings. They say the power band is four stroke like down low yet screams like a two stroke should up top. All this plus it weighs 30 lbs less than the WR. Another plus is, no oil filters or valves to worry about, but is the KTM reliable? The Yamaha of course has had some problems with the 03' but assuming that has been worked out for 04' it offers the electric start and tractable thumper power. I really just want to know how they ride so if any of you can share some feedback I'd appreciate it....

Everyone is going fourstroke. :) You might as well join the trend. :D 2 strokes will be banded from forests in a few years. :D

I went from a KTM 300 (96 version) to my 400. The KTM was bulletproof. 3 years of heavy riding and a few races with no need for top end, reeds, or clutch work needed. I believe they have only improved reliability. I have no regrets going 4 stroke, just the weight. You will be happy with either choice. I miss my 300 at times, both bikes have pluses and minuses. You can't make a wrong choice with either. :)

Never ridden the WR, but have an '03 300EXC and an '02 400 EXC. When we go trail riding....there is NO DIFFICULTY deciding which bike I'm taking....it's always the 300. IMO, it's the best combination of weight, pwr, ease of starting. I've heard the '04's are even better. It's a VERY SWEET bike. If I had the opportunity to replace all the bikes in the shop ....the 300 would be the first one I'd get.

As you know, maintenance is next to nill. Gaserup and go.

No problem with KTM Reliability. Performance in rallies like the Dakar, this year's BITD BajaMex race and overall use for enduros, HS, and trail riding has proven their reliabilty.

The November Issue of Trail Rider Magazine has a nice writeup on them. Trailrider.com

That's what I needed to know! thanks! 300EXC it is..

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