Kind of OT...... BRP and Babes

Has anyone checked out the BRP and Babes photo folder on the XR650R Yahoo group. All I can say is WOW. Be sure to check out both pages. :D :D :D:):D

How 'bout a link to this site? Can't find it. :)

sweeeeeeeet :)

I like the Fastxr and legs shot...whose checking the legs though... :) Nice very nice

Alright........whats the deal here? I signed up to become a member over 3 hours ago. I am still unable to select the Member stuff. Do you have to wait a few days or what? I am a Pending Member??? What gives? :) Is there a secret login or another way to access the member data?

I'm not sure why you can't access the site yet. There is no secret login. :) Even if you do have to wait a few days it will be worth it. :D

I can't view this site either. Is there a title to put in the search box? The link doesn't work for me either.

Fred Hink is the moderator. Drop him a line and he'll get you going :)

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