WR450f 2004 starting problems after fitting FMF Q4

Hi everyone,

I have just fitted a FMF Q4 to my 2004 WR450f and it started ok then i let it cut out...When i went to re-start the bike it will not fire up so i tried it without the choke and it still will not fire. When i had the standard pipe on it fired up first time??? Will i need to fit an FMF power-up kit?

what jets are you running? did you go from the stock exhaust? is bike uncorked?

The bike has standard jetting.....I went out today and it's starting ok now but when you warm it up and give it a quick rev it bogs a little......And as for uncorked? not sure what that is but what i can tell you is that i bought the bike from an old guy in mint condition with all the road stuff still on and it was not used much,

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