identifying year of engine?

I recently bought a motor from a guy who said it was out of a wrecked 2010 yamaha wr450f. Is there any way to confirm the year/model of the engine by the numbers on the engine? there is J324E-045886 stamped on top of the crankcase. I do not have the bike frame. I was just wandering if anyone could help me confirm the year of the engine? thanks

I'm not sure, but according to a couple other threads I looked up, the 10th digit of your code is the year number. I'm not sure if that's the right number or not, but if it is your's appears to be a 2008.


here's the chart.

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I believe that chart only works for the serial/VIN on the frame of the bike. I could be wrong , but by looking at my other bikes, the chart only holds true for the frame vin

black clutch and stator cases means 2008 or later

Here is some pics of it. So we know it is either a 2008,2009,2011. Is there any other features that could depict the year?DSCF0104.jpgDSCF0098.jpg

Ummm... that looks like a YZ450f motor....

where's the starter? plus the carb doesn't have the ACV on the side.

so looking at the parts manuals online.. it would appear that the black covers with the 5 valve titanium head yz450 was only from 08 & 09.

but, the black valve cover was only available on the 08 WR & YZ 450's.....

so... coles notes;

I think we're looking at a 2008 YZ450F motor. How many gears does it have?

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Good spot - it is indeed a YZF motor, check out the pos of the clutch cable on the side of the barrel. WR's come in from the right side underneath the (missing) starter motor

I got a 2008 WR and it aint got a black cam cover - its gunmetal,

Ok, Thank you guys for all your help at identifying this as a yz450f.

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