New graphics on 2010 question.

Hey guys, my graphics are peeling off my 2010 YZ450F. I also need to get number plates put on because I'm going to be racing this bike next season. The number plates are pretty scratched because they've never had decals on them. I feel like the graphics already don't stick good on the black part of the stock plastics. Would you recommend buying new plastics before I buy new graphics/number plates? Has anyone else noticed the graphics peeling off the newer YZF's easier than the last model?

Lots of the graphics kits or custom backgrounds cover nearly all of your number plate. I just put on a kit from Factory Backing. They covered just about all of the plates. I put on put on a full Polisport kit ($99) for a 2011 because mine was pretty thrashed. If all you need is backgrounds then I think you will be happy keeping your old plastic. If you have a ridge that would show through, sand it off or scrape it with a razor blade.

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