2007 crf 150f engine

I have a nearly new 2007 crf 150f rolling chasis complete minus an engine. I was trying to figure out what engine/engines from what models or years will bolt into this frame without a tremendous amount of modification or no modification at all. Thanks in advance.

The only motor that fits this chassis is the 150F electric start motor. 06 thru 12 are all the same. The 03 thru 05 uses a different case.

Would any model/year 230 electric start possibly fit? And thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.

there are some Chinese engines with electric start for $400,00 that are supposed to fit.

230 motor has the same attachment as an 03-05 150f kickstart motor.

With the exception of top motor mounts... 230 mounts are shorter since the cylinder is taller...

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