Attention.. Read This BLM OHV PLAN INPUT

Guys go to to read the BLM OHV policy, and please write them some comments on what you want to see and who you want to make decisions. Make it known that you are an Off Roader and want decisions made by Off Roaders not outsiders who want our sport diminished. With out your input decisions will be made by others. Overall the plan looks positive, but there is also a lot of room in there to do things we wont like. i.e. restricting areas due to perceived enviro impacts, etc. Make you 2 cents worth known. I specifically asked for more funding and riding areas to open up and for a larger percentage of the voice/control in deciding policy. Why should outsiders have more of a voice than those who actually participate in the sport. I think you all know what I am getting at.

Recently I had a discussion with a guy I went to high school with who is know a doctor in sacramento and has suddenly turned enviro extreme, (its because of his girlfriend) he was telling me the evils of OHV activity and said we should only be allowed to ride in clear cuts. What he couldnt understand is I dont want to ride through clear cuts or see them any more than a hiker would want to hike in a clear cut. Its ironic that we want the same thing, to see nature in its beauty and experience back country areas, except his groups do not want us to share the same experiences, some how its only for them and not for us. I let my friend talk to the enviro doc, since he is an arguing mofo and will not stop, finally the doc said I dont want to talk about this any more. Any ways you get the point lets have more input and public comments on OHV activity from those involved than those outside the sport looking to stop it. ENOUGH SAID NOW DO YOUR PART, EVEN IF ITS ONLY A FEW LINES, TELL THEM SOMETHING



As usual, good job TOP! Come on guys - get involved…


Added my piece too!

Sent my 2 cents worth.

Thanks for the post, TOP.

Don't let 'em steal our freedom. Let your voice be heard.

Way to go guys, I am glad to see some of you starting to do something to stop the wave of land grabbing from the offroaders.

I sent them about two dollars worth of polite information to digest. No cuss words, just facts.

Wrote my piece as well. I wonder who, if anyone, reads these emails?

Done. According to CORVA, they do read the responses, and it makes a difference in their policies.

I asked the BLM to do two things: 1) Identify and retain expert witnesses who can refute the "bad science" used by the environmental groups; 2) Apply additional budgetary resources for mounting legal defenses against the environmentalist's lawsuits.

I just spoke my mind. thanks

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