I'm so happy!!!!! I have been reading these forums for a few months and have been really wanting a new 426. So....I went to Competition Accessories in Springfield, Ohio....with my '01 Yamaha Raptor in the bed of my truck...determined to get me a 426!!!! I stopped in there and they had 4- '01 426's and no '02's. They were selling for $4,999. Now....Just October of last year....I had bought my Yamaha Raptor.....a month after they came out...I really wanted one of I paid $7,500 for the stupid thing.....what a waste!!! I have had nothing but trouble with it. Carbs pop off...thought tranny was I traded it in. They gave me only $3,750 for it. Almost a loss of $4k!!! This is how bad I wanted a 426. So....I paid the rest of the money and was on my merry way!!! Take into consideration I'm only 16. I love this thing though!!! I thought my Raptor was fast!!! That was nothing compared to this!!! I rips your arms outta socket!!! One question though...I'm kinda short (5'6") so I lowered the preload on it. Will this affect the way the suspension acts? Also.....I feels like you're sitting on a 2x6 when riding there anybody that makes softer foam? I love the wheelies!!! If they say the Honda CR450F is better than this....I can't even imagine how something could be better than this. Got another question....what is the top-speed of the 426? haven't had it tapped out yet but want to compare it to my raptor. Sorry for rambling on and on. I just wanted to tell my great story and ask all the quesitons I'd been wanting to ask.

Welcome! Take off your coat and stay for a while! smile.gif


1999 WR400, IMS Seat/Tank, Pro-Tapers, Enduro Engineering Hand Guards, FMF MegaMax II Exhaust, Panoram Computer, MSR Skid Plate, Dunlop 756 front/back, Throttle Stop Cut, Air Box Lid Removed, Forks Raised 3/4 Inch

congrats on the 426,too bad the dealer took

their usual opportunity to make you pay out the nose on a returning customer.i heard thru my dealer that the top speed on a stock geared 426 is about 85-87 mph,way faster than youll ever get on a track.keep the oil changed and do the break in mainteance -youll

never get tired of the power.

Ah yes, another 4 wheeler see's the light!! You made the right choice (at least this time) and got a great deal. Just pretend you paid retail, $5999, and they gave you $4750 for your quad...see it's already feeling better. smile.gif

As for the seat...If you're new to the 2 wheelers, at least as your main ride, then you'll want to start working on a differnt riding style. Stand as much as you can, then stand some more. You'll eventually get so used to it, you want to sit down! Seriously, the bike handles & reacts better, track or trail, if you stand. Adjust your levers, shifter & bar position to make it more comfortable.

I have a WR426 and have ridden the YZ's too, freaking blast eh! The sound they make when you pin it in third is just awesome.

Originally posted by arraCODEBLUE:

One question though...I'm kinda short (5'6") so I lowered the preload on it. Will this affect the way the suspension acts?


Lowering your preload for the shock will cause the bike to turn slower. To counter that, you should raise the forks in the triple clamp. That will even things out a bit.

By lowering the preload for the shock, you will not be getting the full benefit of the way the shock works. This is because you have already put the shock into part of it's travel. It will probably feel firmer than if it were at regular height. You will not get good slow speed compression action because you are already past the slow speed valving.

Enjoy and be careful to not rip your arms off grin.gif



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