What are the best radiator guards for WR450 with a desert tank

I noticed recently that I crushed my right radiator sideways & will need a better brace & guard for the bike when I get the new radiator. I see some only work with stock tank, so I'm wondering if anyone has them with the desert tank?

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Flatlands or Unibiker are the ONLY one's I would run.

Flatlands or Unibiker are the ONLY one's I would run.

Flatlands help, but are not the best. The enduro engineering ones are the beefiest things out there and they are only 100 bucks. That's what I run now.

Get the chinese radiator from ebay. They are also more sturdier than stock (and a lot cheaper). the Enduro Engineering guards are the only ones that will fit the chinese guards. Its a great combination.

I have the Flatlands on my 450 with a Clarke tank and they have been great. If I were to do it again this would be my first choice http://www.mohardracing.com/radguards.html

When you say Desert tank, do you mean the 6+ gallon desert tank? I've used Flatlands on mine, but agree that they aren't the strongest, but good none the less.


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Devol guards can't be beat. They are very strong and they prevent sticks from going through your expensive radiator. Try them, you will not be disappointed.

You can't get a better gaurd than what Bullet Proof Designs offer! They will fit with every aftermarket tank that I have tried and are Indestructable.

Unabiker without a doubt. Best of them all.


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