2012 WRF450F Rattle plastic filler piece.

Hello all.

I picked up a 12 WR450R the other day to replace my 03 BRP 650.


On top of the gas tank there is a small plastic piece that sets just under the filler cap. It looks like it is to divert spilled gas when filling. This piece of plastic although serves a function it is only supported by “Little foam support strips glued to the tank” it seem to rattle around a lot and is only secured down by the filler cap and minor seat pressure.

Is this normal for the piece of black plastic to rattle around or should it be more secure? (Snapped, glued or screwed)

It's Funny. TT Newbie but member since 2002

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I removed mine because it made it harder to get the cap off. It has not caused any problems with it removed.

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So that's what that noise is. thanks

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