Survived my first race!

I,ve been riding desert and trails for a couple years, but I was looking for a little more excitement. So I bought myself a YZ426 last week and took it out for my very first race yesterday. The race I chose was the Grand Prix at Glen Helen. OH MY GOD!!! Now I know what all the fuss is about! I was amazed at the number of riders that came out for this event. I saw men in their 60's and little kids on 60's with pigtails sticking out of their helmets. And everyone seemed faster than me. Now I know what I must do. Practice practice practice. Everyone I came into contact with seemed really great and helpfull. I wasn't even worried that I left my truck unlocked or that my tool box was in the back of my chevy in full view. I think I could get used to this....

I don't think you will find a better bunch of people than the ones you meet at a motocross track. Sure you'll have the ocassional bonehead, but I have no problem leaving my stuff laying out while I'm at the track. Congrats on your first race, watch out, it's a little addictive. Something else to consider is that So Cal is one of the biggest hotbeds for motocrossers and most of them have been doing it for years so don't be discouraged about feeling slow, your riding with some of the fastest riders in the world down there. Just keep practicing and don't ride over your head, can't ride if your jacked up...


Thanks for the encouragement Pat. I know what you mean about the addiction! I've given up drugs so there is plenty of room in my life for this new vice. I want to get in better shape more than ever now and my next three track days are all lined up. I want to go back to Glen Helen and actually be a competitor in the race next year!

I think that the people are my favorite part of this sport (aside from actually riding that is grin.gif ). I'm always amaized at how people leave their trailers open while they do run laps. It's nice to go somewhere where the majority of the people are good people and not the other way around.

I have to put my two cents in. I love the racing. In april of this year I bought my first bike and had my first race in may. I finished last but loved it!!! I crashed in the second corner (too much adrenaline). By the third race I pulled the holeshot out of 20 beginners and finished in the top half. I am so excited about next year, I hope to win atleast one race. I built a track at home that has a 50' table top and a 30' set of doubles, all the corners are burmed and there is also a set of whoops. Sorry for gabbing but I love this racing stuff. And I must say the people are great!!!! Keep it going.

Later- The fireman

Right-on Fierman! What bikes have you been doin all this on? 426 I'm assuming. Me, I started on a CR-500 only to find I was in over my head. Then went to a XR-600 and fell in love with the low end tourque(I love hills) and then I wanted something I could whip around the track instead of the other way around, so I got my YZ and thats why I'm here now. I wonder what it would be like to have my CR-500 back now that I've developed some skills. It would be lighter but I love this grunt. I have a White Bros. exhaust but I think I prefere the stock pipe for now....Paul

I'm sorry. I am riding a 01' 426 with a white.bros. pipe, pro tapers, house of horse power suspension,and an x-ring chain. It recently blew up due to an oil pump failure so it also has a new top end. I love this sport!!

later -The Fireman

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