dot knobbies

just wondering what air pressures you guys are running in your dot tires, on the street and off road. thanks. exracer2

Pirelli MT21's with 13 psi.


I run more air on pavement (25 front and 28 rear). My last tires were Maxxcross IT (non-DOT) and the pavement was very hard on them at lower pressure. I just put on a new set Pirelli XCMH and will probably continue to air them up for pavement but the more I ride the WR on pavement the less I want to. It’s a dirt bike.

I have used Dunlop 606's, they worked pretty good, I was running 15psi in them as the trails I was running on has lots of rocks and lower pressures usually resulted in pinch flats, however the higher pressure made the front tire a bit slippery in the turns, but it was predictable and manageable. The rear tire hooked up well when I got into singletrack rooty/muddy/rocky stuff. They were great on the road with no creep or walking out in the turns, they lasted about 900 miles with 70/30 dirt/street use. They were pricey so I would rate them 7 out of 10. I am trying Motoz DOT approved now, they seem to get good reviews and they are significantly more affordable.

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