jump a double

hey guys i am kind of aiming this question

to the arizona guys who have ridden recently at motogrande mx.there is a double jump that

i am dying to try but have not yet attempted.

i was wondering if anyone has tried it,and

maybe the technique.it is the only real double there-it is the one before the man made hill on the pit side.it has a steep face

maybe 30ft between but same height maybe a tad higher on the landing side then goes down into the hole.it seems only a handfull

of beg./nov. riders even do this anyways.my fear is not getting the distance and casing the land side,any suggestions?

I don't ride that track but it's probably like any double on a typical MX track. Anywhere from 30' - 50' feet apart peak to peak. I usually hit those in a strong 3rd gear or an easy 4th. The best way is to watch the other guys that are doing it. Even ride side by side to get an idea of the proper speed. Yeh, casing it really sucks!! I can identify with your concerns.

Hope this helps!! Good luck

I like the idea of following someone over it, or better yet follow by riding next to them as Thumpin suggested. There was a double at my favorite track which I was very nervous about trying. Then one day I foud someone who cleared it easily every lap and I followed them over it. It turned out to be possibly the easiest jump on the track, just looked scary to someone who had never tried it before. In any event, if you're basically comfortable with jumping then I do recommend the follow someone else aproach. Better to over jump than under jump!


I live in Arizona about 30 minutes from Moto Grande and in fact will be at MotoGrande tomorrow (Sunday). Come on out and I'll show you how to roll the jump (I don't jump it either). I will be in a yellow 2000 Jeep Warngler and 3-rail trailer.

Hope to see you there.


2001 YZ 426 (No Number)

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