WR426 with YZ426 Stator/Flywheel Questions

Okay, long story, but currently I have a WR426 with YZ426 stator/flywheel and CDI......as I await my WR stator to be rewired.

Anway, I had my WR cams set for the YZ timing (1 tooth on exhaust cam set clockwise 1 tooth or 12 tooth gap versus 13)......now that i have a yz stator/flywheel and CDI.........should I physically change the cams back to the stock WR setting? Bike ran fine as is?

I also have a tranny for a WR426 for sale?

I see no reason why you should switch the cam timing back, but you can if you want too.


Thanks....I left the cams at the YZ setting and took her for a long ride yesterday on the street and through the power lines (saw a deer)......starts right up 1st or 2nd kick, had to use the hot start a few times and all was well except the batteries go weak quickly....hopefully my wr stator gets rewound soon (Stator Corp - Mendon, MA)

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