xr 650r with 710 big bore!!!!!!

qadsan: "Most modern 4 strokes CRF's, YZF/WRF, etc, (except for the DRZ) will get the hole shot on an uncorked XR650R up to about 60 MPH, but then the 650 takes off from there and never looks back."

Ain't that the truth. When I am flat out getting it, I lay down on the handlebars at 80 mph and watch the speedometer fly. Come and get it you little 450s.

And I can ride at 95 mph (not top speed of 104) as long as the dirt road stays straight. The BRP is a desert bike first.

I have taken it out on an MX track. It's not a jumper, but it can play. What I really like is the BRP on an oval dirt track that is banked and sandy.

The 650R can do more dirt bike things better than any other bike out there. If set up correctly its a blast to ride in the tight woods.

This last summer my "Betty" took me on a ride around Lake Superior - 1470 miles in two days, (on MT21's!). Pretty amazing to me that one bike could be so capable in such diverse ways.

By the way - she used less than half a quart of oil going around that lake.

What I really like is the BRP on an oval dirt track that is banked and sandy.

I used to love banked sandy oval tracks back when I had a TT500 in the 70's. I wish I had my XR650R back then cause it sure would have been fun. I haven't been on a good oval track in a long time, except for the simple home made ones in the deserts. Got any nice banked sandy ovals in AZ :)

...my "Betty" took me on a ride around Lake Superior - 1470 miles in two days...

Yikes! That's some serious mileage on a bike :) I hope you had the tall soft seat foam :D

Sheepskin :)

Well...it's good to see some action and passion on this site! Things can get a little slow out here on the Pig Farm. It's great that people love their bikes and get behind their brand or model, but let's call a Spode a Spode :D

Spodes are color blind. If you are a spode you will be spode-like on any brand or kind of bike. If you have skills you will ride whatever you have between your legs and get it done. The bikes today are the best that have ever been but I still have not seen a bike make a Zero into a Hero just because it was a certain brand or color.

:usa:But don't stop flaming each other! Bring it! This has been fun to see the Maytag Repair Men battle the Blue Meanies and the Woodie Wood Peckers! :D :D Where are the Pumpkin Nazi's??? :)

By the way...My bike is better than your bike! Neener Neener :D

mr660, you are correct. What you do in the shower is your own personal business- but does your wife understand that it is yours, therefore you can wash it as fast as you want to! Big Jim or Tiny Tim?????? As for the rash on my schlong, yes it went away, Bel-Ray filter oil is good for more than just trapping dust particles! Now Richard Simmons vs. Mike Tyson, what the hell is that? Mark Twain said it best, "you are better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are an idiot, then open your mouth and remove all doubt!" Besides, I would rather get hit by Mike Tyson, because it would be one good thud (if he could catch me). Richard Simmons on the otherhand is a hyperactive, spastic wildman that would be all over your ass like flies on poop. Fighting Richard Simmons would be like parking your motorcycle on top of a yellowjacket nest (which I also have experience with). That little bastard would be stinging you from all over the place, he is probably so quick, you wouldn't even know which way he was coming from! Save the kinetic energy dispute for your father, jerk mouth! Kinetic enegry is the energy that a body has due to its motion. So if you want to think about kinetic energy, compare your BIG red PIG falling over compared to the lighter YZF, CRF, WRF bikes! Then again, anyone with a middle school science education would be able to explain this energy topic to you, so go home and ask "little Billy" next door if you can borrow his text book! Now, I dont know about anyone else, but this is equivalent to Anger Management 101, because I look forward to some good old fashioned ribbing. I do not claim to be the smartest animal on the planet, but it sure brings a smile to my face to think that there is someone out there that is lower on the food chain than me (thanks mr660) you really are good for something, no matter what your wife says! :)

Oh yea, I forgot! Rokatt88 you're fat! Neener, neener! I do agree though, it is amazing what a little (or lot) of testosterone can result in! Or in mr660's case, estrogen- you ruddy poo candy ass! How long have you been sitting down to pee? Welcome to Eagle426-ville, where anger surrounds us like oxygen! Ha! Ha! Until next time, my fellow scorchers! :)

Intertainment at it's best. You get the right person on the BRP and it's an awesome machine. But, you got to have the rider and the money to make this bike air worthy. I will not doulbe jump :D my BRP (ok, for money) anymore the table tops are safe enough. It's that extra 50# that throws me off. I got the $$$ in the suspension and after coming up short and over shooting one to many times that's enough for me. In the destert the 426 wouldn't have a chance the equel riders! :) It would be great to see this run it's corse in the dirt, that would be a reality show worth watching. Monster talk; I would love to see it run it's corse and see which one would eat dirt. :D

If I remember right Eagle426 and mr660 are brothers. You guys have provided some of the funniest threads ever on the 650 side. The next time the two of you get together anywhere near VA please invite me along for the ride. Seeing you two go at each other would provide hours of entertainment. :):D :D :D

With enough money you can do anything! :D

How about punching out our little 450's to 650's. :D

As the old saying goes:


Or in my case a whole lot of money....Before the revolutionary bike came out (WR400F) I had two XR640's, two bikes, two years ...a cam per bike / per year. The problem with bore/cam kits it takes away the reliability that XR's are known for. If you go this route...carry a tow strap, don't ride alone and don't stray too far from the truck. :D

Oh yea, I forgot! Rokatt88 you're fat! Neener, neener!

:) :goofy:Classic! :D:D

OK...OK... Your Momma is so poor... she still has her own Tah Tah's! :D

mr660, please let me clarify something for you. While you are studying your middle school science textbook, let me elaborate some middle school language arts for you! I realize now that I should not have used the name "Mark Twain" because he is not a real person. In reality the writers name was Samuel Clemens and he used what is called "a non de plume" which means writing under another name! Hopefully, this gives you some more insight on your quest for your GED. I am really questioning your intelect, some of your posts have a minor amount of smartness to it. Maybe your wife is a "ghost writer" which means- someone who writes someting for you!

OK...OK... Your Momma is so poor... she still has her own Tah Tah's! :D :D :D

Keep it up boys. :D This one's getting good. :)

dammit, stonewall, you let the cat out of the bag. Yes, we are brothers and yes it is always one hellacious time when we get together. Thanksgiving should be a real good time. There is one more brother to throw in the mix, but we just found out he is gay. Thats right gentlemen he is a faggatron! Ha! Stonewall, I am supposed to go riding in Lynchburg tomorrow, but I dont know where. We should try to get a centrally located East coast TT ride. And by the way Rokat88, "your mama is so poor, I saw her kicking a can down the street and she said she was moving!" OR "your mama is so stupid, it took her an hour to cook minute rice!" Shall I go on! :)

What are all you skinny bike guys doing defending your skinny legged bikes here on the XR650 forum?

Did you go out gunning for Big Rig riders ? Got an itchy trigger finger? Waiting to jump on any one who tries to shoot down your skinny short stroked weakling of a blue ball bearinged Yamaha Ha Ha ?

Large Bike envy? Stroke inadequacy?

Shouldn't you be out in the garage filing down your clutch hub, so it's ready for the next ride ? :)

Gumby, please let me pour you a nice big glass of "shut the hell up." Dont hate the player, just hate the game. You are just mad because you need a CDL license with the Passenger endorsement to be able to "drive" (notice I didn't say 'ride') that 640. Why not trade it in on a Harley for lord sakes? :)

what the hell -

the ATK 700cc 2 stroke , will kill everyone and everything in sight, it will be programmed to do one thing -seek and destroy,no matter what color it sees. :)

its built to slaughter.

you have all been warned - say your prayers



...the ATK 700cc 2 stroke , will kill everyone and everything in sight...

That looks like a fun bike :)

I wonder how the XR650R turbo would compare?



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