xr 650r with 710 big bore!!!!!!

reports for the ATK

72 rwhp

a turbo xr650r might elude a ATK for a couple of seconds

but it will be over once the beast hits its powerband.

just for interest ,people say for 4 strokes divide by 2

to get comparable power against 2 strokes

xr400 = kdx200, yzf 450 = yz250,

therefore a 700cc 2 stroke = 1400 cc 4 stroke

something to think about :)


OK quadsan, now you are scaring people with the Turbo XR wearing STUDDED SNOWS!!! :D

Just remember folks, "What is broke, the arrow or the indian?" :)

72 rwhp, thats what? 85 at the flywheel? there are xrs out there making well over 70, i bet that turbo should be way over a hundred. It would be interesting to see. I cant believe i actually stayed out of this pissing match, amazing, must not have seen it in time. JR

All right round mouths!!!! :D

Eagle426: nothing like talking smack on the john deere 175! if i do recall didn't you recently have to push the old 175 off of you while you were on your back! as_hole! Bel-ray oil did the trick ay! so much for K-Y jelly and pennicillin! thats right mike tyson would be one thud! but you and the wall you stand in front of would go down!! as for richard simmons, he would definately be all over your bazooka butt! but i don't think your woman would find that to appealing! I asked little billy for his science book and he tolk me some monkey looking jack off sped by on a wr426 and stole it from him! and i thought that samuel clemens was the founder of vaginal warts! :applause:

Therapeture: 75lbs!! what the hell, go pluck a pube or two and get back to earth here! try about 25-30lbs! Hell if i left my penis at home, thats good for 25lbs, we would be on the same weight plane! you definatly need to know when enough is enough! you can put a [@#$%&!] rider on a sweet bike and lose, then you can put a sweet rider on a [@#$%&!] bike and win!! so unless you have hair on your palms from all your hands on experience, i would suggest you grab some K-Y or preferably honda lube and get busy on the little guy! and one more thing, poop mouth! you are right that the BRP would never beat you in your riding environment, and that is because BRP's are not alloud on the childrens tracks! :D

ill_caper: sounds like you sold the old BRP because you were affraid of it! does your new bike have training wheels? :)

miker: here is anger management for you :usa: :usa:

needsprayer: thats what i am talking about! bunch of illerterate, testicleless, cry babies!! :applause:

J_T: rite on! 200+ fat b*stards! :D

galant2nr: DAMMITT! hold on a minute while i go and slamm my hand in the nearest door!! that is obvious rider error! you should know better than to take advantage of the 12yr old girl that stole her brothers BRP like that! but hey, take what you need and bragg all you want! :D

cmilktm: you might be on to something there! :applause:

simon@vic: how about a nice big glass of (stick it in your sphincter!) dammitt you of all people (mechanically inclined) should know better than to puke that type of nonsence up. o.k i will give you the benifit of the boubt, did you fall and hit your head or what? let me get you back into check. it is known as CC's. need i say anymore!! :applause::D

qadsan: rite on. why are you so reserved! let it out man, just let it out!! your sex life will be so much better! :D

Dutch: more 426/450's need to sleep on that statement! :D

Robatt88: eagle426 just needs to know what your woman told me! that you may have a belly on you, but at night it all turns to penis!!

stonewall: good eye my friend! now just like i told qadsan, don't be shy let it all out and your under the sheets stamina will double! :D

rockieman: i had a hopped up 600 (see my description at bottom of page) and it was very reliable. never had a problem with it. the name of the game is keep the comp. down related to heat and stick with facory parts HRC!!! and the biggest preventer of all is maintance. preventitive of coarse!! and that would be OIL changes nuckle head!! :D

gumbydave: Damn right! they're like a bunch of mouthy little junior high kids mouthing off to seniors! :D

iron_saver: that is a good analogy if it were 1975. this is 2003 for GODS sake get a hold of yourself. if you have to run over to your neighbors and have them whale you with a 6 foot 2x4, please do so!! :D the xr400 i know for a fact would blow the plastic off a kdx200. and as much as i hate to say it the yzf450 would make mince meet of the yz250! :applause:

Jr650: 72rwhp!! and all these want-to-bee's think their 30lb lighter bike will be able to digest that. ;)

You can feel the power of the dark side! You could make a whole movie on this. A series. What would it be called? Joe Motor Bike? He didn't Know his bike was to small. :D One brother gets dissed. You guy's are way amping this would be way crazy to watch each other kicking the other bike, trying to kick the 426 off the cliff. Or run it into a tree with BRP's on both sides. Hey, a servivor series. :)

now thats what i call starting some $H!^, nicely done, im impressed.

Hey qadsan, i have a question, you have any more details on the 650R turbo? like base compression and boost? I have a sprint turbo around, and one off a 3cyl kubota diesel that i could get my hands on..... its going to be a boring winter if we get much snow. The only XR-turbo info i have gotten is in german. Great, now im getting ideas, JR

JR, I don't have anymore info on the turbo setup. At one time I was contemplating Edelbrock's nitrous kit they sell for Harley's and adapting it to my XR650R, but then the bike would be to specialized and it suits me just fine the way it is, although I'll probably be adding a 680 kit with some other goodies next year even if I get a CRF450'X'.

Here's the link to the nitrous kit if it gives you any ideas :)


BWB63: i like the visual!! funny you say it but i have seen a wr426 do end over end flops down a cliff. But i had nothing to do with it. it was totally rider stupidity! it was funny as hell !! and it finished off in a gigantic thorn bush. the funnier part was seeing the jack ass digging the 426 out!! not mentioning any names or anything eagle! :)

JR650: nothing like a good old fashioned hard-on ay!! if you look at www.650r.net there is info on that turbo. i like your desire. after all enough is never enough!! :D

Come on Guys...As said before, there is no use in comparing the 650 to the 450 MX'ers...I say that from experience, because I tried to. I street-legalized my 450 to ride the desert here in AZ, and I must say it did quite well. But, simple fact is that 5th gear on the 450, at high rpms, is close to the equivalent of 4th on the 650. The 450 simply cannot hang with the 650 in high-speed situations...but, then again, it wasn't meant to. In tight, quick throttle situations, there is no doubt that the 450 is much faster. But for 160+ mile loops, the 650 just handles things much better. Again, I've ridden them both, on many of the same loops, and for the desert, there is no beating the 650. That's why the "legal" stuff has come off of the 450, and it now thrives back where it is truly "at home"...on the track...

ill_caper: sounds like you sold the old BRP because you were affraid of it! does your new bike have training wheels?

I was not scared of the BRP, I am 6'5" and was sick of riding a low rider. When I sat on it it sunk about 5 inches and always scraped the muffler on the tire. Also with the BRP I was always searching for ways to get more power out of it. I bought the Edelbrock for $400 and that made it run good but still didnt perform like I was looking for. Everyone I know with a BRB want to get the HRC kit or get a bigger pistton or anyhting else to try and get more power out of it. SO I decided to purchase a bike that would perfomr the way I like it with nothing else but uncorking. With the WR450 I have found that. I on\wned my BRP for 2 years so I think that I can give honest input into this conversation. Hope this helps. :):D :D

Yes, the BRP suspension sucks if you don't wiegh a mere 160#. It would have been a whole different bike if you would of gone with Eibach .47kg fork springs and 11kg shock spring and tune the sims to your riding style. (I am guessing you weigh in the nieghborhood of 240+#) The horse power of the two bikes are about the same but, the torque of the BRP is much more. The gearing on your WR450f is much lower so, you 'feel' the power more. Some times a stock bike is not close to the bike you are looking for but, once setup for your weight and riding style it's a whole nother world. You'll spend the money in the long run one way or another. The XR650R will out last the WR450F many times over and setup right will out perform it everywhere but, the track with the same rider for long exstended rides. (100 miles +) :) I would have more fun on a CRF450 then a BRP on the track and on the short rides but, the need for speed just got the best of me on this bike. Next bike will be a CRF450 because I'll still have this BRP. The YZ490 and CR500 just got old. My XR600 was way to heavy and it just took a ton of cash to make it fast. (never was quit as fast as I would of liked, even punched out to 640 wisco 12:1, cam, suspesion and so on)

very much truth in this!! BWB63!! it doesn't matter if you bought a bike new straight off the showroom floor! unless you weigh in the 160-170lb bracket, the suspension is not going to be worth a crap! tweek the bike and shape it to you and you will be amazed at the performance. all the power in the world is no good unless you can get it to hook up! having your suspension done makes all the difference in the world. even more inportant than engine mods, other than uncorking the dragon!!

See I felt the same way; however, I feel much better with the WR suspension. It is alot stiffer and I am still contemplating getting stiffer springs but it is no longer a necessity like it was on the BRP. LIke Ive said a 100 times, I loved the BRP, just for me the seat height is too low. I called factory connection and their is nothing they can do as far as seat height. A stiffer sprng wont raise the seat height it just will make it not sink as much. So I opted for the bike with the most seat height. People get so angry about which bike is the best. Its like an 8th grade pissing contest. They are both great bikes and the WR is my first Yamaha after a KAwasaki, 2 Suzukis and a Honda. SO I am not a brand whpre that only buys yamaha. I thought I would never leave honda since I drive an acura and love their motors. After riding the WR I think I found the bike that suits ME the most. The power curve is exactly how I wanted it: plenty of torque with a 2smoke-like top end. I wanted a bike that resembled a 2smoke as much as possible so that I could ride it real aggresively. SOme day I probably will by another BRP for when I want to take it easy in the woods. :) Eveyone likes to say there bike is better than the next guys, but if you havent owned both bike that you are trying to compare then your opinion is pretty much baseless. :D Oh well I jope this helps. :D :D :D

Robatt88: eagle426 just needs to know what your woman told me! that you may have a belly on you, but at night it all turns to penis!!

Hey! I'm not fat! I'm just Big Boner...I mean Boned! :)

To whom it may concern, yes mr660 saw my WR426 do a 2 and 1/2 front flip off of a high wall due to rider stupidity. However, the candy ass bastard failed to mention that I dug it out of the thorn bush, pulled in the hot start and the blue beast fired up on the first kick and I rode away with nothing more than some scratched plastic. Then again who cares, I just look at it has having full insurance coverage with a $6000 deductible. The life of my WR426: it gets treated like a queen in the garage, but treated like a [@#$%&!] in the woods! Mr660 if that was your 650, you would still be there kicking the piece of [@#$%&!]. Remember the time you kicked and kicked and kicked and kicked and still couldn't start it? I do! Oh yea, what about the time we all went riding on that god-for-saken deer trail that was extremely rocky and I (yep, me) was the first to make it. Then I came back down and did it again just to prove to your non-riding ass that it was not dumb luck. Wait a minute, it gets better, our other brother made it next on none other than another WR426. It gets even better, I can just imagine the anger running thru your veins seeing not one, but two blue streaks sitting atop the rocky mound and your BRP was kicking your Sally-ass all over the place. NOW, I MUST TWIST THE KNIFE WHILE I HAVE IT STUCK IN YOUR BACK- IT WAS I (Eagle426) WHO WALKED DOWN, GOT YOUR XR650 AND MADE IT UP OVER THE HILL WHILE YOU WATCHED IN MISERY. That was probably equivalent to getting rapped in your own house! You you tried placing the blame on the Pirelli tires, dude if you are going to CRY, just take your ball and go home! See you at Thanksgiving Be-atch!! :)

OUCH!!!!! :D:):D

Yea Baby! HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?????????? :):D

Now that's what I call brotherly love. :)

He got outta that one!...It's in the hole!...Cinderella story!

Sheesh! With two brothers like that no wonder the 3rd one's gay! :):D :D

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