xr 650r with 710 big bore!!!!!!

may i recommend some 1" pvc about 4' long, stings like a bugger and damn can you hit him alot of times with it really quick. You guys wouldnt be rednecks by chance? :)

those dorks have nothing on us! :)

Rock On My Brutha's! :D :D :D

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D:):D

Love ya like a brother!!

With all the sexual fustration being thrown around in here I would say these guys all have fur lined exhaust pipes installed on their scoots.

Hey mr660, where did you purchase your sheep skin lined Pwr core?

How do you explain that purchase to your wife? :)

JR650, that is awesome. I just stopped at Home Depot and picked up some 1" PVC like you recommended.

cmilktm, the PowerCore on mr660's ride was lined with velvet and I think he told his wife that he was buying it for his cigar box. Not to mention, the women LOVE this sexual frustration because we take it out on them (we dont get to fight to often since we are 525 miles apart), which results in "busting the bottom out of the mudhole" or "bangin' like a storm door in a tornado" if you know what I mean! :D Brotherly love fights are the best, I especially recall the time that I beat the hell out of mr660 with the plunger handle! We use the industrial strength plungers to untangle those "ten pound steelheads that get tangled in the lilly pads." I would not classify us as rednecks, just love to have fun. You don't have to be crazy, it just helps! We are right and the world is wrong, and if all else fails F_*K it! However, you might question the "redneck" thing since mr660 and I both have SCOTT motorcycle grips on our plunger handles! :)

I personally dont care who you are or what you ride, as long as you are having fun. However, the fun does not have to stop in the woods. I just paged thru the vast majority of the pages on the XR600/XR650 forum here and noticed the amount of views and responses to this post! You guys put the ring in boring. That is an amazing feat, but it seems like you guys need to step it up a notch and ruffle some feathers! Hell, mr660 and I have been drinking gasoline since we were 7, just so that we could piss in peoples campfires! Tear it up gentlemen, you should be able to smell a mild scent of testosterone being omitted from your computer when you bust someones balls good! If is smells like estrogen, just go slam the "little guy" in the door a few times to get his head to swell up. Cat tranquilizers will work to, but result in some painful urination the next day! Ha! Ha! Lord have mercy on my soul!

mr660, I amlost forgot! Since you are a homo that enjoys things going into you and you have been practicing your math (650-426=224). Look at is this way! 426 will go into 650 more times that 650 with going 426! So put that in you pipe and smoke it the next time you sit down to pee! :)

it is actually an industrial lamds wool that is made of a state-of-the-art polymere that NASA uses. except i rigged up an automatic honda lube injector to it!! :) the wife told me i had better do something because the "muddhole" as eagle426 puts it, is taking a hell of a beating!!hell i had to run to an industrial supply dealer and buy 6" stainless hinges with 5" lag bolts to blot the damn storm door back on! it has been through quite a few tornado's lately! so the answer to your question cmilktm is she bought the sh*t for me, so the little kitty cat could take a breather :D shoot i had to go as far as mount a damn fire extinguisher next to the stinken' head board! :D

good idea, i see eagle already picked some up :), so i will get the upper hand on him as i always do! i not only picked up some 1" PVC, i also picked up some 5/8" solid round bar to slide inside mine :goofy:watch your a55 eagle, cause you are going the stung for sure! :D

ooooohhhhhh :) mr. tuff gizz face! well the square root of 650 is bigger than 426 sphincter boy! so blow that out your a_s! :D

i enlightened fagatron bro of this post :D now lets see if he can wipe his twat for a second and come out and play :D if he does we will have to ask him what happened at hatfield-mccoy when the 426 broke his foot off and shoved it up his A$S. :)

Yea, I thought something smelled funny. He called me this evening on his way home from work and busted me! Thanks for nothing you rat bastard! That is okay, because I got a piece of garden hose 4 foot long and filled it with sand.

I hope someting happens here because I think this post is dying, but it needs to reach at least 1000 views and 100 posts!

I'm offended. Can't you guys take senseless banter to another forum, like the YZF 426 or YZinger section? The teenagers over there will probably dig it. :)

I'm offended. Can't you guys take senseless banter to another forum, like the YZF 426 or YZinger section? The teenagers over there will probably dig it. :)

Foobar, have you ever been invited to a good old fashion blanket party? You are now! This is the hot-test sight in the house, go to the Yzinger forum if you don't get the dialog.

Hey boys, thanks for the tips. My brother is 12 years older than me so its time to get even. I am looking into some small 1/2 inch flexible tygon tubing and filling it with shock oil.

I'm offended. Can't you guys take senseless banter to another forum, like the YZF 426 or YZinger section? The teenagers over there will probably dig it. :)

This post was already brought to the YZ forum, and becuase we dont have a certain "senceless" person who will remain nameless, the post has finally died...and dont stereotype the YZ riders, theres just as many old guys as there is young.

My My My !!! The things you find out from little birdies. This is the so called "Faggatron Brother." That is pushing the saying “take it anyway you can get it just a little bit." :)

A Faggatron I think not !!!

Hey Eagle if you look at your past I think it is you that is fell over to the other side of the fence and forgot to come back for awhile. I am glad you finally come out of your shell.. I am glad the turtle finally came out of hiding for some real dinner.. Really I thought the flamer tendencies were sneaking up on you after 2 years.. I know he was slammed in the door and got scared but WoW !! Denial and passing aggression for being afraid of woman is Ok.. We will help you through it. I am glad though the 10" hinges and the 6" lag bolts helped on the storm door!! We all have been worried about you. :D Welcome back! Just think of all the money you will save from not having to buy the cases of synthetic oil for working the wrinkles out of your turtle’s neck.

Now MR660. I do not have issues with wipping my Twat.. I come to play whenever I am invited. Thank you !!! As for Hatfield-Mccoy. I have no control over other people putting 100 pound piece of concrete in the middle of the trail.. My 426 did take me for a wild ride down that gravel road.. But lets think back on that day. I recall that my Blue Beast flipped flopped took me for a 75 yard ride and layed upside down for awhile. After Eagle and I had a verbal bashing over picking my bike off me because he was choking me then you Dr.660 came to patch me back together. Let me think Oh yes.. One Kick with a broken foot my 426 started right up.. What would your P.O.S. have done under such an extreme situation.. Thats right Thrown Up and not start for a week.

Bring it on Baby it can only get better !!!!!

FooBarr : I have skimmed down through the threads and see you must have woke up on the grumpy old fart side of the bed. We are all out there to have fun.. If you don't like this bedroom go sleep someplace else. I see that every other TT'er is enjoying the brotherly love. :D

Hey MR660.. Your HondaJunker is a great starter bike as I can see.. When he is ready to get a real bike let him come see his Uncles so he can ride a real bike.. I see he is laying back too on the bike to get some weight on that tire so he could try to climb that deer path that Eagle had to walk your bike up the hill for you.. The Blue Beasts prevail again. I bet Cosmo could do it. Look he is laughing at you in the picture.. hahaha Daddy !!!! I can do better than you !

Hey Everyone check out this !!!

Click the link :


1000 views and soon to be 100 posts. Just helping out. :)

blanket party!!! foobar; i prefer using a bed sheet, that way there is hardly any thickness to pad the blows from! cmilktm; now you are catching on my friend! the tubing is a hell of an idea, and the fork oil, all i can say is you are really catching on! only recommendation is to not get the appetizing amount of 6', but to get about a 2.5' piece and give em' hell :)

Hey Brothers.

With the Info I have recieved here with your passing love I would like to know when your loving brother mr660 passed over to the dark side and purchased a BRP. It seems to have something to do with the ohio air. I see you boys in North Carolina still ride blue.

Its about time NCWR426F! Are you the oldest or the youngest?

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