xr 650r with 710 big bore!!!!!!

ooooowweeeeee! NCWR426F you will definately twang a nerve with this reply! This brings a question to mind??? I wonder if EAGLE426 actually has a woman, or should i say, maybe she is ficticious! :D who knows? we will see what the screw-ball has to say about this one! :)

NCWR426F, i will give you the hats off treatment :D, for the job well done with the outcome of your 90MPH high speed, run into a 100lb slab of concrete and slide (more like 75 yards), tumble and flop like a ragady-ann doll (which you looked like after). and you were able to be dusted off, patched up, placed back on the blue sandblasted, scratched up piece of sh*t! The single kick to start it is awfully veige to me! but whatever you say! as EAGLE says, "its your lie"

As for junior goes, he is 1yr and you should here the filth that comes out of his mouth about those blue minibikes :D the other day the wife caught him with a picture of a 426 out of a Dirt Bike magazine and he was wiping his poop smeared a$s with it! :D and yes it was gut wreching to tell him that it is not nice to do things like that, and we can't help that his two uncles have no balls, so they had to by a yamajunker 426! the kid is amazingly intelligent so it is hard to reason with the boy!!

foobar is miserable obviously, "it is all fun and games until someone gets ran over by a BRP" :D

as i stated above! "it is all fun and games until a 426/450 gets the knobs of a BRP shoved up its A$S" :)

needsprayer! don't be shy buddy, let it all out!! like i said earlier, " your under the sheets performance will improve if you get some of your frustrations out!" :)

CMILKTM ahh! just what exactly did you MILK??? or YANK, should i say! :) DARK SIDE??? you need your mouth soaped out! :D do you kiss your mother with that mouth?? :D you ought to be ashammed of your self! :D I have always rode RED!! except for the God for saken piece of junk YZ250 i used to own a few moons ago! (sad to say though, EAGLE246 still has wet dreams over the old bike) and yes NCW426F is the oldest! funny thing is, i was always learned that the oldest is the wisest! obviously not the case here folks! :D

bring it fagatron!!! :D

DAMMITT thrawn!! how about a big glass of "blow it out your cornhole" sound. and for the record the average age of us three is 29. so why don't you goto Holy confession and spill your guts! Mr. crybaby!! and another thing, if your kids are reading this stuff, believe me, it is nothing new to them! just a little good old fashioned RIBBING! Hell look at the reviews jery springer gets! :)

Mr660 I meant the darkside as in your family di*khead. :) As for kissing mothers yours said I kissed fine last night! :D

I am a BRP and a 520 owner.I keep milking the KTM to keep it together. Either one however does a fine jog of throwing knobs.

There's nothing like a little extra displacement to bring out the worst in people!



oops! my bag! nothing like slapping me accross the face :D o'well we all need put in check at times! :)

wait a stinking minute! did you say you were kissing my mom last night! she called me this morning and said she had this awfull taste in her mouth! "kind tasted like bear sh*t" now that explains it all! :D


The lingering taste was not from the kissing. The bad taste was the results of the kinky athletics that your mother prefers. I must spare the details to protect your mother and myself from the thumpertalk police! :)

cmilktm : Hey man.. Yeah I am the oldest. Those 2 are always at each other. Like a cat fight. You can only imagine the stuff we get into wen we are all together.. :) I think the only reason mr660 has the red beast is to hall his lard ass around.. you need that much displacement when you have a spare tire around your waist like his. :D Most people that bike would sit there and dig ditchs.

Now you had to go and bring good Ole' Momma into it.. Where do you think we got the idea for the scott handles on the plungers.. Watch out she be out to bust you a$$ soon after see reads that you are letting out secrets. Watch Out Baby !!

Well as Mark Twain said:

"Get your facts first and then you can distort them as much as you wish."

What we have here is a family of accomplished liars. :):D

And for the record the only thing a 650 is good for is making you feel better about your much smaller and useless manhood. :D

Thrawn - I think it's best for you not to be throwing rocks at this "hornets nest". :D

Better for you to go back to the Smurf posts. :D

You just might get a taste of some BRP manhood over here. :)

Thrawn, Let me guess you were the kid in the class that always went and told the teacher about all the other kids having fun in school. :D Good one in your last post to tuck you tail and hide when the hornets nest was stirring. Do you get out of the way on the track too when someone comes up behind. Good Job there Tuff Guy !! Hats off :)

Thrawn, I have a remedy for guys like you! What you need is smacked in the mouth with a rubber full of cum! It should sound like a wet bag of cement being thrown from a 3 story window! If you don't like it here, stop checking the thread. Stop contributing to the fire and you cant get burnt. There are many more "informational/educational" posts here on the XR650 forum, now run along little doggie! Evidently, you cannot handle the heat, so stay the hell out of the kitchen. You complain like a woman, maybe you are. You better go start dinner before your husband catchs you logged onto ThumperTalk under his name! Damn women, we should all know better than to trust something that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die! :)

And for the record the only thing a 650 is good for is making you feel better about your much smaller and useless manhood. :D

:mad:Now you did it... Hey "Thrawn", Your Mom's Uni-Brow goes all the way down her back :D

Isn't "Thrawn" some sort of comic book super hero? You know, the one that's hung like an upside down cashew? :D

Hey Thrawn, just kidding...We love you just like a red headed step mongloid. :)

What you need is smacked in the mouth with a rubber full of cum!

:):D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Off with the gloves!

And for the record the only thing a 650 is good for is making you feel better about your much smaller and useless manhood. :)

For the record my small penis had nothing to do with my choice of bike. :D

HOLY SH*T EAGLE 426!!! :):D :lol:I need to excuse myself while i go piss myself!! If thrawn bites on this reply he is a [@#$%&!]! Cause there is not a MALE species of any kind that would touch your responce with a 10' pole!!! (RUBBER FULL OF CUM) :D :D :lol:That is the funniest thing i think i have ever heard!!!!

Sh*t i still can' t stop laughing!! and dammit i had to go and read this one before i go to bed!!!

See people this is the fun you all are missing out on! the blast that us three have when we are together is unbelievable!! one spontaneous rupture after another!! and add some rider bluppers on top of that and you have to go home and drink some ETOH in order to digest the outings!! :D

Thrawn!! all i can think of now is a wet bag of cement being thrown from the 6th story window onto the ground!! what a miserable puss!! i can't help it you hate your life!! it is an obvious waste of a human shell to see someone so damn out of touch with reality!! loosen up you TWAT!!! :D

my wife is perfectly content about my MANHOOD! as far as needing the 650r to back it! well then what ever it takes! (i will tell you one thing, it takes a serious set of BALLS to hold onto the BRP when it gets warmed up). your little cooter can only dream of getting a wiff of MANHOOD! i bet you are a MAXI-wing kind of broad, arn't you!

I think i have figured you out my friend! since you stated you are not the holy type (which is your first mistake) then there is only one other issue that can be causing you to be so angry!! :D Here it goes: I think that your STRAP-ON has popped a rivet or two! :D that is my theory! you need to think about maybe investing in some serious rawhide to reinforce that badboy! :)

Dude the rest of the gang has hit it on the head! Go back to the smurf forum! and don't be flinging your dong or rubbing your cooter when you see smurfett!!

you sissy!!! :D

this jer-off THRAWN has definately NOT been stung before. but his time is comming! crap he is going to get better than that! he is going to get the FULL rubber without the gloves!! sounds something like this!!! wwhhoooootttiisssshhhhhhhh! :)

YUP this dude THRAWN definately SQUATS to wizz :)

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