I have no luck

took the bikes for a weekend camping trip and ended with the axle broke in my polaris ranger and a rivet fell out my exhaust muffler on the yz426 and burned a hole through my new side panel and sticker kit.Everytime I go riding it costs me a fortune,trip before this I lost the stator in the kx,seems like its neverending.Now I need to drill the holes out bigger and use oversize rivets.Has anybody used home insulation for packing in these mufflers?I have used it in the 2 stroke but this is my first 4 stroke and was wondering if it would work fine.Before everyone says just buy the proper stuff and be done with it,I can't get it here and would have to order it in which will take too long.If the home stuff is not good then I will have to leave whats in there and repair the muffler for now.

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