How does the WR hold up on a motocross track?

I am considering taking my WR426F to some motocross tracks and riding. How will it hold up and is there any suggestions for preparing it? Not gonna do any racing just want to ride some local MX tracks and want to make sure my bike will be ok for it.


You'll do fine just watch out doing big air.

I had a hell of a time with my WR on the track. I wasn't even riding that gnarly of a track either. I found the bike to be WAY too heavy, and the suspension is WAY too soft (blew out my right fork seal while i was there :). I'm about 175-180 lbs too. I stuck mainly to smaller doubles and table tops as well. For the trail and in the desert this bike is a godsend, but at 270 pounds I'll never take her on the track again. That's what my new (new to me anyway) YZ250F is for :D

Ride mine on the track all of the time. :D My son races a YZ250F and I don't like sitting on the sidelines. :excuseme:Enjoy! :)

Tighten up your suspension with the clickers and take your kick stand off, if might come down on hard landings. That should give you a cheap start to see what ya think.

I've been riding MX with my bike recently. In the last month I've ridden some pretty gnarly tracks, Lake Elsinore,Gorman and Piru... I feel that you could definatly find a better track bike, I love my bike and it works great for what I mostly use it for (desert). For the track the gears are spaced a little bit too far apart, not to mention the extra weight being a disadvantage. I can do almost all double jumps with the bike but you can definatly find a better MX bike...

I actually have a YZ250 that I use on the track. My step son is a Marine and comes home on leave every now and then. He rides the 250 on the track when he is home and I end up on the WR. I won't do some of the bigger jumps on the WR that I do when I'm on the 250. If he's not home I don't even take the WR to the MX track.

I'll tell ya though the way the WR gets around parts of the track makes me think that my next MX bike will be a 4 stroke YZ or CR.

I had a really nice YZ250. I didn't ride it much so I took it and and my 426 out and rode both. The 426 was much more fun to ride. I sold the 250 the next week.

Thanks guys. I am sure I will take it easy on the WR. Not looking into doing any motocross races so I don't need a bike just for the track. Just want to ride on a track every once in a while and wanted to make sure my bike would be ok for that. I don't want to damage it. I think I will stiffen up the suspension and enjoy. I got it mostly for trail riding anyway.

It took about three days to get my suspension dialed in but I ride my wr450f on a small 1.3 mile motorcross track every weekend. I weigh about 189. The first day on the track I bottomed on every double and almost dumped it every time. I had be riding my buddies YZ250 and it was a dream. If you set the clickers right it should be ok, but if you are doing 80 foot triples, and 25ft drops find something else.

I am pretty sure I am not gonna be doing any triples or 25ft drops. Any time soon....ever. I will just try to get the suspension dialed in and enjoy the ol wr426f.

Other than the extra weight, the wr's aren't much different than the yzf's. The soft susp. will be your major complaint. Just raced mine (03 wr450 picked it up in Sept.)for the third time this Sat at Baja Mx here in Michigan. This is a pretty mean track. I had done most of the free mods plus a tire change when I raced it the first two times at my local track Delta Raceway.

The power was good but the plush suspension just couldn't take the jumps, the front end bottomed out every time. I spent two weekends adjusting :) the susp. but could never come up with the right combination of clicks. By the time I tightened up the compression setting to minimize the bottoming in the front the bike was so out of balance you could not ride it. I'm 6'1" 210lbs the spring rates were just to low for my ridding weight. So off to the susp. shop I went. Now with the susp. Set up for my weight the bike is much more friendly to ride. The bike handles much better all around and you don't notice the weight near as much :D. I race 10 to 12 times a year and am not afraid of it breaking down. (track info) (suspension shop)

Oldcrash what spring weight did you go with, and if you remember what was stock? Do you have your clickers about in the middle of the adjustment now?


What did you end up setting your clickers at??


I don't remember. I went out with a friend and told him what the bike was doing. I did a lap on the track and adjusted the clickers each time. If the front bottomed I increased the clicker by two until it went away. If the back end was kicking out or up upon landing a jump I reduced the rebound in the back until it went away. My friend watched me ride and compared what he saw to what I felt the bike doing. It took about 17 laps. I suggest spending a day at the track just dialing it in AND NOTHING ELSE. If you can't get it right pay a pro to get you sorted.

Good deal. I am considering maybe doing some beginner racing in the future. Nothing too serious and am glad to hear some folks using the WR for that. I am about the same size a you Oldcrash. Is there any way you could help me with the suspension settings you have?

After the free mods except for cutting the gray wire, the bike will run pretty close to the YZ's and the CRF's. With the heavier flywheel and different cam than the YZ it rev's a little slower, but it will put me in the first turn with the pack off the start gate. So I decided money spent on the susp. would be the most bang for the buck $$$. So I had the works done to my bike.

New springs front and rear

Revalve front and rear

Air canisters and hydraulic bottoming stops on the forks Tech-care has a good description of these two items on thier web site

I doesn't even ride like the same bike it handles so much better. It has a slightly stiffer feel but is still pretty plush ridding with no bottoming and excellent rebound control.

Here are the specs I was using before the mods.

Stock springs were .46kg fork springs 5.3kg shock spring

Shock 7 clicks out on the hi speed damp. Fact low speed,

8 clicks out on the rebound.

Fork 4 clicks out Damp. (still bottoming) 8 clicks out rebound. Stock oil weight front and rear.

After mods

Springs .48kg fork springs 5.8kg shock spring

Shock 20 clicks out hi speed, 14 clicks out low speed, 8 clicks out rebound, 5w oil

Forks 16 clicks out comp, 10 clicks out rebound, 7w oil. I am at 15 clicks out on comp. now.

Hope this helps

Thanks Oldcrash. I appreciate it.

I saw a guy on a mostly stock WR426F (right down to the stock tank), and it wasn't holding him back at all. He was passing guys on CRFs, YZs, jumping everything, whatever. I was joking with my brother (who was passed by him) that he was flashing his light for people to pull over. It inspired me to blame myself for being too slow rather than my bike (which was exactly like his).

thanks for the info Oldcrash

A few years ago there was a guy racing a XR400 at a local MX series. The guy smoked everyone, including me. He was just flat fast.

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