How does the WR hold up on a motocross track?

Rememer how well Spud Walters did with his XR452 back in 1996-97??

There are many expert/pro riders that are amazed at how well they do on an XR400R on tracks. And they don't even like the XR400. Amazing...

So with some suspension mods, HRC power-up Kit, and some frame gussets, the XR400R can be a great motorcrosser.

Mine was a great desert bike!

Maybe I can make my WR426f a great motocrosser too. I guess I better start looking for a great motocross rider to ride it. :)

Maybe one day someone will say that about me

My old bike (KX500) put me in the Hospital for a month then I had to ride a wheel chair for the next month before they would let me stand up and walk. I am not what I consider fast by anymeans right now on the WR, but if I can get back up to speed again it's going to be fun passing a few "race bikes" on this trail machine.

I hear you Oldcrash. I am gonna try and get out to a track this weekend to see for myself how the WR does. I am looking forward to it. BTW, is the only way to stiffen the front fork is to get new (stiffer)springs? Is there no pre-load adjustment like the rear shock and like on street bikes?

I would check your manual. I am not sure on the Yam :) on my 87 Kaw with the old style dampening rod forks you could add washers and go up 10mm preload I could not tell much difference on that bike and ended up changing the springs on it also. I can get my manual out of my trailer and check what it specs if you don't have one.

You have to revalve your suspension in order for it to seriously handle any whoops or jumps at race speeds. Even for high speed staits it keeps it from shaking. I had John at Moto Pro in Woodinville WA revalve mine. He does most of the guys I know all the way up to intermediate level. I am a Vet JR. top 10 guy. Stiffer Shock Spring same fork springs which are same as the YZ's. You still want it adjustable enough for off road so don't put stiffer fork springs on it. I have jumped a 70ft Table top and over shot a little and it ate it up still. It is absolutely unbeleivable the difference it makes. I can attack Washougals Whoop section and sure, you can feel the extra heft of the WR but the revalving keeps you up in the stroke and it is a totally different bike. The #1 thing you should do to your WR, Bar None! :)

Yes Balcs, I agree with you regarding the shock spring. I added a 5.8 rear spring to mine and left the stock fork springs and I can really feel it working better. I am heavy, around 240 lbs. Of course, my valving is stock, what about just using the clickers on the fork to take the jumps better. Can that be enough for occasional track work? If so, how much adjustment on the clickers? Also,when you added your new rear spring, did you change the rebound and dampening on the rear shock? If so, what was the change? Thanks for any advice.

Took mine on the track and it felt like a tank, but will re-spring and try again. Great idea about removing the kick-stand - don't forget. :)

Mine worked fine,however i did put all YZ stuff on it, when would hit the dez i'd put the WR stuff back on! Here's some pics! I now have a YZ450!





You'll do fine just watch out doing big air.

Works just fine for me.


Another............ site1027.JPG

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