2000 426 oil filter drain bolt too short?

Bought the bike used. When I changed the filter this morning, it felt like the filter drain bolt was loose, though I've never noticed it leak. Put it back together, and it seems the drain bolt won't stop turning. I know it isn't stripped, when I take the cover off the screw goes in fine, seems like its just too short or something. I can't pull the bolt out with pliers, so it is grabbing something... But am I missing something?

the threads are stripped in the inner clutch cover,I had the same thing happen to me.I had to take off the cover and drill tap and install a heli coil to get the threads back.there are threads on this in the faq section,Its a PITA but it has to be done.

Make sure you put the correct bolt in the proper hole. They are all differant lenghts. That happened to me the first time I changed the filter on my WR426.

Thanks for the help everyone. I found another bolt that was a little longer, screwed right in, holds tight. However, I'm sure the threads have been stripped enough so that the original bolt won't grip. I'm gonna use a time-sert (available locally at fastenall) when I change the filter the next time. Thanks again!

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