Cutting out wr 450 2005

Another problem with the most unreliable thing i have ever owned!

After all my other fault were fixed my 450 was running fine foe a total of one 40ish mile run. Put it away and that was that

Went out the other day to take it out for some after tea fun got about 60meters away from my house and it cut out????

So i just thought it might be because it was cold (even tho i warmed it up first with the choke on in the garage)

After failing to start of the starter with the hot start on and off i tried to kick it over no point it just brought the sweat on i pushed it home. :banghead:

Put it on charge and left it over night back out to the garage the next morning and boom fired up straight away :confused:

So tonight i went to take it out for a run thought it would make sure it started so i fired it up (loud bang from the exhaust :thinking: ) and 2 tuns later it started warmed it up for about 30secs and then it cut out???? and would not start again

before anyone asks the fuel was new the first time it cut out and the fuel lines are on also its only been 3 days since it cut out the first time to now

Any ideas?????

so far its broke down 8 out of 10 times ive tried to use it can these be that unreliable

Sounds to me that you have a clogged gas filter. Maybe you got crap in the gas tank that prevents the gas from pouring down to the carb?


Gas filter???? the pipe that runs to the carb flows free just checked it there and im getting a spark so carb issue i assume ????

Gas filter???? the pipe that runs to the carb flows free just checked it there and im getting a spark so carb issue i assume ????

there should be small filements on the top of the petcock inside the tank. kind of a PITA if you tank is full..

I have drained my tank off into another gas can then flipped it over to take the two screws out to release the petcock.

one think you might try is flipping it to reserve and see if you have the same issue.. as it uses a different tube from the tank

its not the filter ive tried the reserve as well it still wont start??

spark, air, fuel

I had been fighting with my 05, before I purchased it it had sat for 3 years. even with cleaning everything out I put a temp inline filter on to try and catch any crap out of the tank.

my petcock was very plugged with scale. and it seams to keep getting into the carb. once I clean it out it would run great for a while then just crap out. then clean it out and back to running great.

not sure if it relates to your bike at all..

might try un hooking your kill switch? or are you getting good spark? was the tps or what ever moved on the carb?

was any carb cleaner used that could have degraded any of the rubber parts?

any holes in the floats?

just a few guesses. as I know how frustrating it can be. :-/

Im getting a spark and the plug is new and the gap is correct. Ive not checked anything on the carb yet i have actually given up hope for this pile of scrap all i want is to get it running again and sell it. all this dose is break down on me. so looks like ill be getting the carb off the joys of owning this pice of shit never end :thumbsdn:

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