I THINK I figured it out!

I've had my 01 426 for about 4 months now, mods include BK mod, running C12, DSP pipe, Race Tech springs and valve stack....throttle responce is AWESOME, but I was getting to the point of selling it to go back to a YZ250. I couldn't figure out how to ride this thing. This weekend at the races I figured it out...put her in third and just twist the throttle...this thing rips. I dropped down into second only once for a very technical whoop section. And the hole shot...easy 4 or 5 bike lengths...now I have to figure out how to use the brakes to make the first turn! I love this bike now!


Brian, congrats. You figured out how not to ride the beast like a 2 smoke! Where was the race this weekend?

How did you take the hole shot and against wich bike's? I am riding the open class here and there are 4 or 5 250cc honda's that are realy fast. I thought a YZ426F must be able to, at least, keep up with these bikes in the start but I haven't made a good start hole (actualy a half year because of a broken wrist) year! What I did was: Start in second gear, en yust over the gate shift to third. I trained on my starts this saturday and shifted later (very much rpm). This seems to be faster! So I am very curious how you did it?

By the way my bike is, except for the BK mod, bone stock.

GA426, we raced down at Silver Dollar this past weekend. Track was in pretty good shape...got rough toward the end of the day. Are you going to Bremen this coming weekend?..if so look me up, I'm number 8.

Oweel, I start in second and shifted up to third as soon as I could (maybe 3 bike lengths out of t he gate)... this weekend was my best start on this bike. I used this method in both motos and smoked them both times! There were Yamaha's and Honda's on the start. Not sure how tricked out they were. Good riders on the line though.


A common mistake people make on the start is keeping there weight too far forward. At the start this is ok, but once you get rollin' drop your a$$ to the rear of the seat so you get the most traction, otherwise your wasting horsepower. Watch Carmichael on a start and notice how far back on the bike he is at the start. The bike will pull a holeshot against almost anything out there, it comes down to technique.


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