GPS do you

The 500 limit is very common for displying old(saved) tracks on the display. The etrax can only show 500 track points for previous tracks, but can display more for the current track.

The way I use my gps is go to a riding area, turn on the track I have of that area, and now I can see all the trails in the area, plus my current breadcrumb trail.

Ok that is different then... it is common for older units to "filter" or reduce the size of the track when you save it. So, a 3000 point track becomes 250 or 300 points when the unit archives it.

What I was referring to was the "active" or "current" track, or as you mention your breadcrumb trail. 500 points maximum for the active track would be totally useless...

Got an Etrex 20 this weekend, after lots of pain and gnashing of teeth I think I have it set up and decent maps loaded. I downloaded everything from, somewhat painless but had to call Garmin support with some very stupid questions, the gentleman there was very helpful and didn't make fun of me although he did start every phrase with " thats a good question" which we all know is code for thats a really dumb question..

It does seem I am the last person on earth that doesn't know how to operate a GPS but it does remind me of my first cell phone I had 15 years ago, I never could figure that thing out either!

I will know after this weekend how it does in the woods.

Garmin 60CSx here, and it's been crashed numerous times, used through ouring rain for 8 hours at a clip, fully submerged under sandy mucky water from a crash and it keeps on performing.

not the easiest to learn how to use, but once you figure out how to make tracks and routes and upload them, it's flawless

android phone with MyTrails app. In an Arkon (ebay) waterproof case. Charger hard wired to bike.

I have a 32gb card with all of the cascades in topo maps, google earth, etc.. saved onto it.

I don't even have a cell plan on the phone I use, I got the phone off craigslist and just use it on the bike

best thing out there IMO.


Like the phone idea, at least you have a modern interface to use. I was shocked to see the 90's technology on the Garmin, not sure what I was expecting?

I do like having waypoint, navagation... capabilities with the GPS unit ( I always carry my Iphone with me but I'm guessing service will be nonexistant in W.V., I don't have any downloaded maps so I'm at the mercy of service) Guessing that with a little time spent marking my route and using tracks to map my route I shouldn't be spending much time lost or looking for trails (well hopefully)!

I do need to rig up a mount, thinking about velcro, zip-ties and my crossbar pad.. Anyone have a great idea? I don't have time to order anything fancy or the desire to really..

after reviewing all the advice here as well as on the local circut and web. I have settled on a garmin montana 650t. I installed the birdseye maps as well as the 24k and 100k topos. the birdseye maps have been helpfull in avoiding the odd camp or other structure while still at some distance. I don't really care for poping out in someones back yard unexpectedly. plus you can see the fields and glens as well as where the heavy growth is. The 24k topo is good enough to be able to determain where you can and can't climb and if there is enough of a shelf to land on. I also got the ram mount for it which has sustained several loopouts and is still holding strong. Now if it only had something to tell me where the large blowdown trees and rootballs are. over all I am very happy with the setup. I picked it all up used off online auctions for less than $300 complete.

A much cheaper alternative is using a smart phone gps app .

My buddy uses "Back Country Navigator" (android platform) and for $ 12 it has everything needed

including topo maps and works without a cell signal, you must download the maps you want

before leaving cell range.

I use "Maverick" on my android it was free and works great except it has no option to download/cache

maps so I carry a map , my phone and an extra battery .

I used to use a Magellin Triton 500 GPS unit , it was ok other than it would just randomly stop recording the bread crumb

trail , I decided to update the firmware on it at the Magellin site and once I did the damn thing never turned

on again, just gets stuck in the boot up mode .

I see no reason to buy another gps as long as the phone works out so well .

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