Input bearing? Loud rattle noise with clutch out

Bikr:2007 yz450f

Hi today my bike started making a loud rattle with the clutch out and goes away when I pull the clutch into the bar. I can feel it in the seat.

From my experience with cars it would say an input bearing as the tranny isn't spinnig and the noise goes away

How hard is it to pull these trannys apart

Trans rattle in neutral is normal:

If you think yours is louder than the normal growling noise this typically produces, then you might have a bearing problem, yes. Maybe.

Open the clutch up and remove the pressure plate and the plate stack and see how the main shaft feels when you turn it.

To pull the trans down, the cases must be split.

I think it started today. I've had the bike for 15-17 hours.

Could it also be the clutch plates

I'll bet it didn't start today. It's not the clutch plates. Read the post I liked to.

I did thanks for the info gray

I was just gonna post on the same issue,same year,same bike.I've had an 02 426,an 06 yz450,an 05 yz250,an 03 yz125,and an 04 yz250,and I got used to the loud clutch thing on all of them.Never had a problem.But my recently purchased 07 yz450 also has a weird harmonic sound to it that is really loud and odd.I took the clutch cover off out at the track last Monday,and I can wiggle the entire clutch basket.I never tried that on any of my other Yamaha's,so I don't know if it's normal.My mechanic buddy says There's a coupla bearings in there and a bushing that probably need to be replaced.Any thoughts or advice?Gray,I read your link,but it didn't seem to address my problem.Thanks!P.S. I hear it when I'm in gear out on the track,and actually had I guy I passed come up to me afterward and ask about my loud's not just at idle,or in neutral.NOTE:There are no bearings in the clutch basket.There is a bronze colored bushing that is pressed in and is part of the basket itself.There IS a single ballbearing and a flat needlebearing ring at the end of the pushrod.

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If anyone cares.....I found out that you cannot replace the bearings or anything in the 07 clutch basket.It comes as a single complete unit.I also found out that the basket noise was an issue on the 07 450,and although I did not find any grenading issues associated with the basket,Yamaha did replace that part with a new basket for 08,and that is what I ordered from my local shop yesterday.The noise was so loud,it was distracting at times,and made my bike sound like some worn out old heap.And that,my friends,is something I cannot bear.

Do you have an aftermarket skid plate?


Take the skidder off and try it. I once had my son's YZ450 part way opened up twice looking for a noise the skid plate caused by touching the frame. Padded the rails with an old inner tube and fixed the problem.

I put the new 08 clutch basket in my bike and it is waaay quieter.When I put my Works Connection skidplate on ,it does definitely increase the noise,but it's nowhere near the sonic rattletrap freakout that it was before.$200.00 well spent?Ummm,yeah,I'm glad I did it.I'm gonna try your inner tube trick, Gray.Standard or double thick?And just to head off any future confusion,Yamaha did go to a different clutch basket in 08.The 08 part number is now used for the 07 too(and maybe earlier models too,I didn't check),so if you look it up on the parts fiche,you will see the same,new number for the 07 too.

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I'm gonna try your inner tube trick, Gray.Standard or double thick?

Whatever you have. I used standard.

Thanks,Gray!I appreciate all the good work you do in here.....

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